Urgent Message: Help Ancient Faith Ministries

In moments of crisis, we don’t let the crisis kill good things. And we also don’t draw back and do less. We rise up and do more. If you want Ancient Faith Ministries to be around after this pandemic is over, and if you believe in its future growth and in its mission of evangelism, edification and education in Christ, then give something, and please do so right away.

Hades is Embittered

I have been criticized a number of times recently because my approach to this pandemic has not been “How do we keep doing business as usual in face of all these obstacles?” but rather “Given that we have this problem, what do we do in the midst of it?” To me, though, the question is whether I believe this present state of things is given to me for my salvation.

Seeds for a Church: The Three Martyrs of Vilnius

Having an ethnic heritage that was not actually passed down to me as an inheritance seems like another exercise in that odd, defamiliarized life that Third Culture Kids can never quite escape. And what’s more, being an Orthodox Christian has in many ways felt like an exercise in the same narrative. A people who were not my own have become my people.