Post-Evangelical? I Can’t Do That.

My post today for my 40 days of blogging is over at the Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy blog. Here’s an excerpt:

One of the things I’ve noticed in recent years is the growth of all kinds of “Post-_______” Christianity. By this I mean varieties of Christianity that are all generally within the Evangelical Protestant genre yet explicitly do not embrace any particular tradition.

Typically, what this looks like is something recognizably Evangelical yet with a potpourri of different doctrinal, worship and pastoral emphases and elements. We might see old standard hymns alongside modern pop CCM, yet with bits gleaned from historical Christianity, as well.

This differs from standard Evangelicalism in that it is vocal about how it is not bound. It’s comfortable being a hybrid based largely on what an individual Christian or (often) church planter feels speaks especially to him.

It might be an individual choice or even a whole community following what they see as a complicated yet honest path—though perhaps not quite authentic, because, well, how would you know?

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