No, I'm not on all these. Sheesh. I don't even know what all of them are. (And no, don't tell me.)
If you can make any sense out of the headline for this post, You Might Be a Digital Native.

In any event, this is merely a reminder that, now with the addition of a Twitter account, I’ve completely signed on to the Great Trifecta of Social Media.

(Hm. Now the phrase social medium occurs to me, and I am left with an image of a very gregarious conductor of séances.)

You can find me now via Facebook, Google+ and (now) Twitter. Feel free to “follow” me or whatever it is you kids call it these days.

Try not to break anything, will ya?


  1. You know you have a problem when, in personal interactions, you let someone know you like what they have to say by replying, “Retweet.”

  2. Meatloaf said “two outta three ain’t bad” you should be OK with three outta twenty-seven! See ya on the interwebs Fr Andrew!

      1. The Father’s were silent on the matter of social media after a quick google and I was drawing the proverbial long bow . . . 😉

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