Win FREE Signed Books by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick!


Do you have a copy of Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy but wish you had a signed one? Have you gotten a chance to read An Introduction to God yet? Are you looking for hard-to-find Christmas gifts and fancy giving an author-signed book or two? Just looking to expand your library? Well, … READ MORE ›

Coming this Fall: Ancient Faith Blogs


Ancient Faith Ministries, the people who bring you Ancient Faith Radio and Ancient Faith Publishing (formerly Conciliar Press) have officially announced a new project for this Fall: Ancient Faith Blogs. The beans being spilled: If you’re like me, you follow several Orthodox blogs, but you don’t have the time or … READ MORE ›

Why I Love (True) Religion Because I Love Jesus, Redux

This coming Sunday, Jan. 12, will be the two year anniversary of the post that has inexplicably (to me) probably been the most-read thing I’ve ever written. It’s always somewhat odd to me to note the things that get the most hits. They’re almost invariably stuff that’s more off-the-cuff than … READ MORE ›

Writings, Recordings and Recommendations: An Update

As you probably can tell, I’ve mainly been focusing my weblogging energy into the new Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy weblog. Forgive my neglect here. I’m still working out the balance of the kinds of work I plan to do there and here. In any event, in case you don’t happen to … READ MORE ›

Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: The Weblog

I have an announcement of a major new project, opening today: Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: The Weblog. It’s been plain to me for some time that Christian doctrine is starting to matter to more and more people, and a lot of the people it matters to are Orthodox Christians, some of … READ MORE ›


If you can make any sense out of the headline for this post, You Might Be a Digital Native. In any event, this is merely a reminder that, now with the addition of a Twitter account, I’ve completely signed on to the Great Trifecta of Social Media. (Hm. Now the … READ MORE ›

Why I Love (True) Religion, Epilogue

The Smoking Gun

After well over 300 comments posted, and probably close to 200 ad hominem rants and attempts to get me to convert back to the Evangelicalism from whence I came deleted without being published, I’ve decided to close comments for my previous post, “Why I Love (True) Religion Because I Love … READ MORE ›