Coming this Fall: Ancient Faith Blogs

Ancient Faith Ministries, the people who bring you Ancient Faith Radio and Ancient Faith Publishing (formerly Conciliar Press) have officially announced a new project for this Fall: Ancient Faith Blogs.

The beans being spilled:

If you’re like me, you follow several Orthodox blogs, but you don’t have the time or inclination to look into other such blogs that may or may not share the same quality. But what if the best and most reliable blogs on the internet were gathered in a single place, making it easy for you to consume and then cross-reference their content while resting assured that your reading stands on solid theological ground? I’m not talking new blogs, mind you, but rather the cream of the crop of what already exists, compiled together and carrying the imprimatur of Ancient Faith Ministries, one of the most trusted sources of Orthodox media in the world. Introducing Ancient Faith Blogs—your one-stop location for the very best Orthodox writing on the internet. Look for it this fall in conjunction with AFR 5.0, the most ambitious iteration of Ancient Faith Radio to date.

You will see several familiar blogs on the site, including Roads from Emmaus and Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy, as well as almost a dozen others. There will be a couple new ones in the mix, as well, which I’m particularly looking forward to. Each weblog will have its own site within the site, but there will also be aggregators giving you multiple posts to browse through at the same time. And while most of the weblogs will be dedicated to constantly updating content, some will be oriented toward building resources while also including moving content.

In some ways, this will be similar to what Patheos is doing with its “Faith Channels,” but it will be fully Orthodox and integrated with Ancient Faith rather than dealing with all the concerns that Patheos deals with by being multi-religious and more specifically commercial.

This is something totally new in the online Orthodox world, and I think it’s going to be great. Be on the lookout.

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