Antiochian Convention Booksigning Flyer

As mentioned previously, on July 27, 2011, I’ll be signing copies of Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy at the Antiochian Archdiocese Convention in Chicago next week. Here is a flyer that Conciliar Press has sent out for distribution. I hope to meet many of you there!

The Church is Not the Building

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Jordanville, New York

I hate it when people say that. Yes, there is a certain truth to the statement The Church is not the building. But it is usually said in the context of talking about buildings, and so what is meant by it is not really a counter of an obviously ridiculous … READ MORE ›

Win an autographed copy of Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy!

Are you an Orthodox Christian who wonders how to explain to your Baptist grandmother, your Buddhist neighbor, or the Jehovah s Witness at your door how your faith differs from theirs? Or are you a member of another faith who is curious what Orthodoxy is all about? Look no further. … READ MORE ›

Updates and Notes

A number of updates and goings-on of variable interest: Book News: Conciliar Press tells me that Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy is selling very well. Thank you to all who have bought copies, recommended it to friends, or written reviews! I honestly had no idea when I did the original parish lectures … READ MORE ›

Freedom, the Path to God, and the Orthodoxy of Orthodoxy


I was recently passed on a question by my grandmother from some of my non-Orthodox relations who live out in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The question was whether, in my preaching, there is room for a “personal Gospel.” I must be honest that I don’t know exactly what … READ MORE ›

Humanity, Unplugged

The Third Sunday after Pentecost, July 3, 2011 In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, one God. Amen. Today, let’s talk about sin. Yes, of course, almost all sermons are in some sense about sin, and sin is certainly mentioned a great … READ MORE ›