The Top 20 “Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy” Posts

Just for kicks, we thought you might be interested in knowing what the current top 20 posts (based on total hits) here at O&H are. They are listed here in descending order:

  1. Using the Bible Against Christians: Sola Scriptura Atheism
  2. Orthodox Worship Versus Contemporary Worship
  3. The Eminem Ethic
  4. “Giving Up Something” for Lent
  5. Who’s Not a Christian?
  6. Two Chairs of Peter: Reform, Orthodoxy and the Papacy
  7. The “Biblical” Argument for Abortion
  8. “God is much bigger than… your style [of worship] or mine.”
  9. Converting from Westboro Baptist
  10. Venerating the Virgin: Orthodox Christian Reflections for Protestants
  11. Why I Did Not Become Roman Catholic: A Sort of Response to Jason Stellman
  12. Billy Graham: Mormonism No Cult
  13. Pope Francis: One Patriarch Among Many?
  14. Ecclesiological Darwinism: Reformed Catholicity’s Denial of the Foundation of the Reformation
  15. Institutionalizing the Revival: The Culture of Revolutionary Christianity
  16. The Road to Rome? Why Eastern Orthodoxy Deserves a Second Look
  17. The One True Church and the Partisans of Anti-Ecclesiology
  18. The Anglican Itch
  19. “The hidden hand behind bad music” – could it happen here?: American Catholic worship and Orthodoxy in America
  20. Salvation for everyone!

So there you have it. We look forward to producing many more pieces for your reading edification, and we’re glad that you’ve chosen to read and engage. Your participation proves to us that you agree that doctrine matters.

As always, we welcome submissions!

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