The Present and Future of Orthodox Christian Media

We have every right to feel that we may be at the beginning of a golden age of Orthodox content creation in the English language. But at the very same time that a renaissance of Orthodox content creation is happening, expanding into new platforms and providing insight and challenges for new fields of human life, there are marginal, extreme forces seeking to pierce into the middle.

Why is No One Speaking Out?

Horrors are happening everywhere, all over the world. So many say: Sin is increasing. Sexual immorality is increasing. Oppression is increasing. Persecution is increasing. Heresy is increasing. Public violence is increasing. Poverty is increasing. In response is a refrain we see over and over: Why is no one speaking out?

AFM Statement Regarding Abbot Tryphon’s Blog

Greetings, all. As you may know, I am the Chief Content Officer for Ancient Faith Ministries. A number of folks have written to us regarding AFM’s decision to remove Abbot Tryphon’s blog from our site and offer to help him move it elsewhere. (UPDATE: You can find his new site here.) So I wanted to say something about that, speaking now in my official…