To the Beyond

I just read the obituary for the fine barber I wrote about back in August.

It’s tough to find a good barber, and it’s tougher still, I think, to find a good man.

Rest peacefully, Barty. May your memory be eternal.


  1. I just read the obituary and it turns out he is my brother-in-law’s uncle. Small world.

    My husband has a great barber as well. One of those from the “old” tradition of barbering. That’s quickly fading away and in its place we have the fashiionable hair salon for men.

    Barty, may your memory be eternal.

  2. And we can all be grateful for his honorable service to his country in WW2. Fair winds and following seas, shipmate.

  3. Just wanted to thank you for posting this… Barty was my father’s barber for at least the last 30 years (no matter how far away my father lived from his shop… he wouldn’t go anywhere else!). My father said he was wondering what was happening with Barty as he had passed by his shop several times in the past week or two and it was always closed. He is thankful to have heard this news in time so that he would not miss Barty’s memorial service. My father always spoke fondly of him throughout the years… he will surely be missed by many.

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