The Defamiliarization of the Christ

Archbishop Panteleimon of Neapolis, Dec. 27, 1922

There are many times when I am speaking to someone about Christ, even within a church context, that I feel like I am speaking about an alien visitor from outer space. It is quite similar to the feeling I sometimes have when referencing some piece of history that interests me … READ MORE ›

Reflections on Non-Ecumenical Podcasting

As the “Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy” podcast rolls on with publication on AFR (having been completed in “the real world” about a week and a half ago; all handouts are available here), I am receiving more and more email with regard to its contents. Most of the messages are just kind … READ MORE ›

My Emmaus

Canada Geese take one last respite in the late Fall next to the willows at Furnace Dam Park, Emmaus, Pennsylvania

I remarked to my wife the other day that I now really don’t want to live anywhere but in Emmaus (we live in Allentown for the moment but hope that that will change in the next few years). I have started referring to this place occasionally as “my Emmaus.” (The … READ MORE ›