My New Book: Arise, O God

My new book, Arise, O God: The Gospel of Christ’s Defeat of Demons, Sin, and Death, has just released from Ancient Faith Publications. Here are the blurb and the Table of Contents:

FROM THE PUBLISHER: The gospel of Jesus Christ is not about what Jesus can do for your life. It is not even the answer to the question, “How can I be saved?” It is the declaration of a victory. In His coming to earth, His suffering, and His Resurrection, Christ conquered demons, sin, and death. In Arise, O God, author and podcaster Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick introduces us to the spiritual war that Christ won by His victory, how we are caught in that war’s cosmic crossfire, what the true content of the gospel is—and how we are to respond.



Prologue: What Is Not the Gospel?
How Did the Gospel Become a Sales Pitch?

Chapter 1: What Is a Gospel?
What Is a Gospel?
Gospel Is a Pre-Christian Genre
Not Caesar’s Gospel, but Christ’s

Chapter 2: Why Is There a Gospel?
The Fall: Death
The Fall: Sin
The Fall: Rule by Demons

Chapter 3: Who Is Jesus Christ?
Worshiping God or Gods?
The Son and Word of God
The Messiah of Israel
The Savior of the World
The Life of Jesus

Chapter 4: What Did Jesus Christ Accomplish?
Undoing the Fall: Exorcism
Undoing the Fall: Forgiveness of Sin
Undoing the Fall: Resurrection

Chapter 5: What Does Jesus Christ Expect of Us?
The Covenant of Faithfulness with God
Switching Sides
Repentance: Abandoning the Demonic
Repentance: Joining with the Angelic

Chapter 6: Responding to the Gospel
Saved from What?
What Happens When Someone is Saved?
What Must I Do to Be Saved?
The Gospel


I hope that you will check it out. Although this is now my fourth and shortest book, I regard this as the most important one so far.


  1. Congratulations on this achievement, Father.
    Is the publisher considering either Amazon Print on Demand, or Kindle, for those of us not located in the US?

    1. If you look at the listing, you’ll see a few different e-book options, plus if you live in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, when checking out while ordering the paperback, there are shipping options that make the price local to you rather than from the US.

  2. Ordered this almost as soon as I got the notification. I really enjoyed the most recent episode of The Areopagus, so I’m looking forward to reading more about the Gospel. I shared The Areopagus with a friend of mine, and he’s now hooked! I hope your new book sells well and reaches a wide audience! God bless you, Father.

  3. Knowing what the Gospel was – made me Orthodox. This is exactly the type of book I wished was out there when I started my own journey. It’s all about the Gospel, and who kept the Gospel, and always has been. Soteriology has been – the – missing component in my opinion, that ties everything together. If the Gospel is wrong, everything else will be wrong as well. Anthropology, the extent of the fall, eschatology, pneumatology, ecclesiology, etc., – all of these will be off and have contradictions without the right Gospel, and will, by and large, destroy a Christian imagination for how to live or why we exist.

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