Two Lectures Available Online

Two of my lectures from the recent Meeting the World series are now fully online, courtesy of Ancient Faith Radio:

    Meeting the World: Taking the Gospel Into Our Times and Our Places: Part 1, Part 2

    A Peculiar People: Orthodox Christian Identity in a Hostile World: Part 1, Part 2

Three more will be available in the next several weeks, each broken into two parts. All the pieces in this series are about how Orthodox Christians can engage the surrounding culture.


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    Highly recommended couple handful of Podcasts from Fr Andrew. Have listened to these a number of times. These initial ones at least focus very much on how we need to make our Faith the priority in our lives, a focus on our seriousness as a path to evangelism. Anxiously waiting for the next lectures

  2. Nicely put, especially on environmentalism. BTW, the wife and I are enjoying your book. I know they are taken from the lecture notes (an awesome podcast by the way) but I think I like the book slightly better.

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