Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy available for purchase!

Some news from Conciliar Press:

Good news! The [Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy] books arrived in our Illinois warehouse yesterday!

For those of you who write book reviews for print media and/or who have blogs discussing such things, contact our marketing manager, Matthew Dorning (email hidden; JavaScript is required) to request a review copy, and let him know which publication / blog you represent.

Ready to order a copy? Do so through Conciliar Press or Amazon.com.


  1. Yes, I just pre-ordered also. Looking forward to reading it after listening to your podcasts. Your cover art is much better than Father Stephen’s new book that came out last month.

    1. It’s generally the traditional publishing practice not to put such things as the main authorial listing for the book.

      In fact, often when I see ecclesiastical or academic titles referenced on books, I suspect that the publisher is trying very hard to convince me of the author’s trustworthiness and expertise. (Note, for instance, that almost all self-help books have “M.D.,” “Ph.D.,” etc., on the cover.)

        1. The way it was given to me in college by my profs was that the insecurity of the more junior folks led to use of titles, diplomas, etc. at high frequency. By contrast, the presumption of the more senior folks is that everyone already knows who they are (because they’re that dominant in the field) and therefore they leave off ALL indications of titles, diplomas, etc. at all opportunities… especially in academic journals. Odd convention, huh? But there’s a lot of truth in it everywhere… not just academia.

          Read a great review the other day. Have to clear a few things off the ol’ book backlog first… but will get around to it in due course. Thank you!

  2. Fr. Andrew!

    This is super exciting! So glad to see this book released… if it follows the delivery of the series of lectures/podcasts it will be a wonderful tool.

    Also, a word of thanks for taking the time to focus in on St. Ignatius. What next?


  3. No, no! none of that kind of thing allowed 😀 Oh well, I will sit pretty for a while. Just ordered my copy of the book! Super excited! Many thanks!


  4. After you have gotten your breath back and relaxed a while, I’d love to see your series “TRANSFIGURATION OF PLACE” expanded upon in book form.

  5. Father,

    Just thought I would let you know that I got the book, and my wife was able to digest it much better in written form. She is not one for lectures 😀 But now a friend had a number of questions concerning the issues pertaining to all things Church… he is a protestant who is doing a lot of hopping around. I offered the book as it is such a straightforward and easy to grasp overview that fills in the major missing pieces for someone like him. We shall see what his thoughts will be in a short while!


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