The Soldier, the Athlete and the Farmer

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St. Demetrios the Myrrh-streaming / Sixth Sunday of Luke, October 26, 2014 Rev. Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, one God. Amen. In today’s epistle reading from Second Timothy, which is designated for the feast today of St. Demetrios, St. Paul gives […]

On Ecstasy and Laundry: Spiritual Experience in the Orthodox Church

The Ecstasy of Saint Paul, by Nicolas Poussin (1643)

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Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost / Third Sunday of Luke, October 19, 2014 Rev. Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, one God. Amen. Fourteen years ago, an American convert to Buddhism named Dr. Jack Kornfield published a book entitled After the Ecstasy, the […]

Is the Age of the Earth Important? A Footnote and a Response

"The Pillars of Creation," from Wikimedia Commons

On page 20 of An Introduction to God appears this footnote: Orthodoxy makes no definitive statement about exactly how God created the universe or in what amount of time. The important point is that He did create it ex nihilo, out of nothing. The footnote is connected with this text: “In the beginning, God created […]

Did God Tell You to Tie Your Shoes this Morning? The Micromanaging God


God told me to get up and tie my shoes this morning.” With these words, my wife once described to me a kind of spirituality which baffled her. I must admit it baffles me, too, though I’ve had more exposure to it than she has. And what does it refer to? This 2008 post from fellow […]

Is Your Name on Your Headstone? The Remembrance of Death


Seeing my father’s name on this stone next to my recently departed mother’s reminds me that I used to be horrified at the morbid idea of having a tombstone with the name of a living person on it. It just didn’t seem right to be reminded of one’s death so baldly, literally to set up […]

Is the Bible “above” the Church? A Chat with Moses

11th c. Hebrew Bible manuscript with targum (explanation) in Aramaic

I recently engaged in a sort of thought experiment about what it would be like for someone who believes that the Bible is “above” the people who actually produced it to have a chat with the earliest name associated with the production of the Scriptures. Here’s the result: “Moses, Genesis is above you.” “Um, I […]