What Does it Mean to Be Human? Engaging Orthodoxy Panel Discussion

Hi Time Eternalites! Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving to all! May we be creatures of response and thanksgiving to God for His seen and unseen providence in the moments of our lives…

This past weekend, I was blessed to participate in the third annual Engaging Orthodoxy panel discussion held at North Park University in Chicago. This year’s topic was “What does it mean to be human?” Joining me were fellow keynote speakers Bishop Anthony Michaels and Dcn. (and Dr.) Perrry Hamalis, as well as our two thoughtful respondents Dr. William Abraham and Dr. Matthew Levering. Dr. Bradley Nassif moderated. It was lovely meeting everyone and taking part in this event!

The transcript of my talk will likely be published in print form in the near future (more on that when I know more). In the meantime, you can watch the entire event here (and scroll down for timestamps of the highlights)…

In true “enganging Orthodoxy” fashion, each of the three keynotes were followed by two responses from non-Orthodoxy theologians: Dr. William Abraham (Methodist) and Dr. Matthew Levering (Catholic). Thus the event was broken up into three chunks corresponding to the three keynotes:

11:58 – Introducing Bishop Anthony Michaels, keynote speaker #1

1:25:30 – Introducing Dcn. Dr. Perry Hamalis, keynote speaker #2

2:27:45 – Introducing ME, keynote speaker #3. To the surprise of NO ONE, I talked about time.

2:58:02 – Dr. Matthew Levering’s response to my paper… I really admire Levering’s work as a scholar and human being. His response to my paper was one of my highlights of the conference for me. It was thoughtful, subtly humorous, and challenging on a human/existential level. Thanks, Dr. Levering!


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