Time and Despondency: Online Lenten Reading Group

Hi Time Eternalites! It’s officially Triodion Season, which means Great Lent is coming! If you’re looking for a spiritually beneficial book to read AND a way to have deeper fellowship with others this Lent, I recommend joining the Lenten reading group for _Time and Despondency_! It’s open to anyone with a Facebook account who plans to read or re-read the book this Lent. We’ll be journeying through the free Lenten study guide (available from Ancient Faith here), which divides the book into weekly reading chunks with reflection questions that follow the liturgical themes of Eastern Orthodox Lent.  I’ll be following through with this somewhat on the blog, but the group will be more of a discursive space that allows for back-and-forth.

Sorry for the brevity of this post, but I wanted to get the word out sooner than later. This is a great time to start making arrangements to get the book in time for Lent, which starts on March 11!

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