A Mini-Lecture on “Eternity and Time” by Dumitru Staniloae

We’re in the thick of the fall semester at the Orthodox School of Theology! This semester, I get to co-teach my favorite course, Sanctification of Time: Orthodox Liturgy of the Hours and Liturgical Year with the co-director of our program (and my priest, friend, fellow time enthusiast) Fr. Geoffrey Ready. The aim of this course is to explore‚Ķ

Meeting Mrs. D and Remembering My Existential Childhood…

It was a hot, muggy morning last week, the final day of my month-long vacation in Wisconsin, ¬†and my abdomen was in a state of turmoil. I’d later realize my stomach tumult was not indigestion but a bilious stone in the gallbladder I should have had removed years ago. I tried to focus on the task at hand‚Ķ

Despondency: The Most Temporal Passion? (Taped Lecture)

This past Tuesday afternoon, I had the delightful opportunity to give a guest talk at the Met. Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies at St. Michael’s College (University of Toronto). In it, I re-examined the central claim of Time and Despondency, namely the idea that despondency is somehow inextricably tied to a broken relationship to time, in‚Ķ

Time and Despondency: Online Lenten Reading Group

Hi Time¬†Eternalites! It’s officially Triodion Season, which means Great Lent is coming! If you’re looking for a spiritually beneficial book to read AND a way to have deeper fellowship with others this Lent, I recommend joining the Lenten reading group for _Time and Despondency_! It’s open to anyone with a Facebook account who plans to read or re-read‚Ķ

“Life as it actually is”: Reading Fr. Alexander Elchaninov during the Nativity Fast

What are you reading this Nativity? In the past, I have shared the books I frequently return to¬†this season (here and here). This year, I’m also reading through¬†The Diary of a Russian Priest (SVS Press, 1967),¬†a gathering of reflections by Fr. Alexander Elchaninov. This is a perfect book for devotional reading because it consists of brief, poignant observations,‚Ķ

6 Practices to Combat Despondency with Deacon Michael Hyatt

Now that US Thanksgiving has passed, we are really heading into the Christmas season. Everything around us seems to remind us that Christmas is coming–the dull weather, the cold temps, and the Christmas music blaring from store speakers. For many of us, December is not so much a high point of Christian joy but of spiritual despondency. This‚Ķ

6 Practices to Combat Despondency, Part 2

If you haven’t been keeping up with Deacon Michael Hyatt’s journey through my book,¬†Time and Despondency,¬†this last day before the Advent Fast (New Calendar) is the perfect TIME to start! Check out the newest episode here.¬†It’s about the practices of thanksgiving and confession, and the episode is one of three devoted to practical ways to approach and counter‚Ķ

Timely Tune-Up (August 2018): a book series, speaking engagements, and Patreon!

Although things have been rather quiet over the summer around here, there are surprisingly many important announcements! Plus, September is just around the corner and I’m looking forward to the blog and podcast picking back up again. Here are some things to look forward to in the meantime. Deacon Michael Hyatt to teach through my book,¬†Time and Despondency‚Ķ

Timely Tune-Up (July 2018): What’s Happening Around Time Eternal

Welcome to A¬†Timely Tune-Up, a new blog-style newsletter–my attempt to keep blog subscribers up to date on cool resources and developments around Time Eternal at reasonably regular intervals. Audible Version of Time and Despondency At long last, Time and Despondency is available as an audiobook! You can check out the preview below and order the Audible copy here.‚Ķ