What Should I Read Next? 3 Books to Read if You Liked Time and Despondency

(Note: Some links below may be affiliate links. More infoĀ here.)Ā  Not infrequently, Time and Despondency Ā readers inquire what I recommend they read next. It’s a question I receive more often the closer Great Lent gets and folks start scoping out reading material to complement the themes of the Fast. With that in mind, I’m posting three books thatā€¦

Time and Despondency: Online Lenten Reading Group

Hi TimeĀ Eternalites! It’s officially Triodion Season, which means Great Lent is coming! If you’re looking for a spiritually beneficial book to read AND a way to have deeper fellowship with others this Lent, I recommend joining the Lenten reading group for _Time and Despondency_! It’s open to anyone with a Facebook account who plans to read or re-readā€¦