“My First Death”: Time Eternal Episode 1 of Season 4

Every interview I’ve conducted for this season of Time Eternal begins with the same question: “What was the first death you experienced?” Just as death entered the world through one man (Adam, according to Romans 5), so death typically enters our personal experiences through one person. This first experience with death has a profound impact on how we view not only death but also life. So in this first episode, I turn the mic around and ask myself the same question…

Catch the full episode here.

You’ll hear about the death of Nicole (an uncreatively named goldfish I tended when I was 3 or 4), sundry dead birds, and–the first BIG death I experienced–the death of my grandpa, Wilson Lyon, when I was 5. You also hear some excerpts from the lovely Ancient Faith Psalter.

As promised in the episode, here is a picture of my (very funny) Grandpa Lyon pretending to be pregnant with a balloon… So the next time I make a lame joke on TE and you’re like “Wow, that was really awkward,” give me a break. I can’t change my genetics! (Nor would I want to.)


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