No, I’m not Dead: and a sneak peek at my next book

Christ is risen! I hope by now, everyone has recovered from Holy Week and Pascha and has survived the first fasting day (yesterday) after Bright Week!

Things have been (and will continue to be) a little quiet around here, but I wanted to assure you all that I’m still alive! Just very quiet.

The reason I’ve been keeping my distance from the blog is that I’m in the end stage of finishing my second book! I haven’t yet announced the title or topic publicly, in part because it has been a harder book to write than Time and Despondency and I didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag until I was sure I could finish it. Now that I’m heading into the final stage, I’m a bit more encouraged by how it’s coming together.

Still, I’ve decided to wait to make an official announcement until I submit the manuscript in mid-June. BUT if you don’t want to wait that long, subscribe to my author newsletter–I’ll be giving folks there an advance glimpse at the title and topic. If that’s you, you can sign up by clicking on this link.  (I rarely send out newsletters, so don’t worry about getting bombarded in your inbox!)

And if not, expect to see a much more refreshed and less-stressed version of me back here sometime in June! Prayers appreciated, as ever <3

(Editor’s note: the “I’m Not Dead” title of this blog is in no way a hint or reference to the title of my book 🙂 )

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