Help My Unbelief: My New Podcast with My Husband

Guess what, Time Eternalites? My husband Basil and I just launched a new podcast together! It’s been driving me nuts trying to keep this quiet until now, but now it’s finally out in the world! I think Time Eternal listeners will love Help My Unbelief. Listen to the trailer on Ancient Faith Radio and subscribe wherever you get podcasts–weekly episodes start September 7.


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Help My Unbelief: Bridging the Chasm Between Faith and Doubt (Ancient Faith Radio)

Description: Have you ever doubted? Do you ever feel like you’re leading a double life, split between the faithful pilgrim in the pews, and the burned-out, faithless failure who secretly wonders if God is even there? In Help My Unbelief, we understand doubt is not the great enemy of faith but a meaningful part of the journey toward Christ. Basil and Nicole Roccas, a husband and wife team, draw from the Bible, Orthodox theology, and everyday observations as they explore what it means to live out the bold and faith-filled words recorded in Mark 9:24: “I believe, Oh Lord, help my unbelief.”


    1. Hi Elizabeth! there was a hyperlink in the post, but just in case you didn’t see it…

      You can listen by going to the podcast site on Ancient Faith Radio:

      You can also listen in a podcasting app on your phone or tablet. Just search for “Help My Unbelief,” ours should come up.

      Did either of these options work for you?

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