Happy Church New Year + Time Eternal Mug Giveaway

Welcome to a brand-new Church year! If you’re curious about this year and its temporal connections to the rest of the liturgical cycles of the Church, you may want to read my post from last year at this time.

As I mention in that post, I try to take time at the beginning of the new year to intentionally give my thanksgiving muscles a workout. I often read through the Akathist of Thanksgiving at this time. It’s a beautiful hymn of gratitude that never fails to stop me in my tracks of habitual thoughtlessness and dissatisfaction–at least for the moment!

I thought that I’d take this moment, too, to express how thankful I am to God for all of you–this community of readers and listeners that accompanies me on the journey through time, eternity, and the faith in between! I’ve been a “writer” basically since I had the motor skills to hold a pencil, but these last few years of writing and producing content for Ancient Faith have been by far the most satisfying work I’ve ever done as a writer. A lot of that has to do with the kindness, curiosity, and encouragement of readers and listeners.

To express my thanksgiving, and to sort of let you all into my ritual of incorporating the Akathist of Thanksgiving into my September routines, I’m giving away two free mugs. Each mug has a picture on it as well as my favorite quotation from the Akathist.


All you have to do is head over and like  the Time Eternal Facebook page.  If you’ve already done that before, then you’re already entered.

Clearly missed my life calling of a coffee mug model… 😀


I hope you’ll sign yourself up and share the giveaway with friends. I’ll select a winner and announce it on Facebook on September 15th.

Blessings on this ecclesiastical new year, and may God teach us to be creatures of thanksgiving!


    1. Hi Deacon Nicholas! I don’t know if I’m in the right business to be offering dispensations, lol 🙂 But for this giveaway, it’s only on Facebook. Rest assured, I will do another one soon that is just on the blog, though!

  1. Nicole,
    Same question:
    I really enjoy your blogs and podcasts, but I just deleted my Facebook account. I don’t really have the time for it, especially when the school year begins (I teach high school and college and have four kids at home). Is there an alternative?
    Thank you~

    1. Hi Larissa–I totally understand and commend deleting your Facebook account. I did that while researching and writing my dissertation, and it’s probably the reason I was actually able to finish it in the end 🙂 For now, this giveaway is just on Facebook. BUT I will do another, bigger one soon that is just through the blog. This is my first giveaway, so I’m trying to keep it focused and easy to keep track of. Thanks for asking!

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