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  1. Great quote from St. John Chrysostom, thanks for sharing! I personally do not regard death as a thing of terror for my personal self. HOWEVER, I also do not consider myself “ready” to die and so have been trying to prepare more for this part of life daily. (I honestly hope and pray that my children and the younger people I love outlive me! So maybe I am a little afraid, but I pray for this.) There is an article by Metropolitan Anthony Bloom that has been a great assistance to my thoughts of death these last few months — I read it right before the Covid-19 outbreak and so have kept it close by and re-read it several times, and shared it when appropriate, here’s a quote from the article and the link to the article follows.
    “Death is the touchstone of our attitude to life. People who are afraid of death are afraid of life. It is impossible not to be afraid of life with all its complexity and dangers if one is afraid of death. This means that to solve the problem of death is not a luxury. If we are afraid of death we will never be prepared to take ultimate risks; we will spend our life in a cowardly, careful and timid manner. It is only if we can face death, make sense of it, determine its place and our place in regard to it that we will be able to live in a fearless way and to the fulness of our ability. Too often we wait until the end of our life to face death, whereas we would have lived quite differently if only we had faced death at the outset. ” Met. Anthony here

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