A Prayer for a New School Year

Although I can scarcely believe that September is nearly here, school is definitely on my mind. I’m gearing up to co-teach a course on the Sanctification of Time at the Orthodox School of Theology in Toronto.

The start of a new school year has always had a vaguely sacred quality to me. There’s something profound about the act of setting aside time to learn, and a humility to be found in gleaning knowledge.

I love this prayer for students and teachers (which I’ve seen in many places, but have adapted from the one on this parish’s website). May we who are students and teachers learn to make these words our own!

O Lord, our God and Creator, Thou hast honored us with Thine own image, and didst teach Thy chosen disciples that the fear of Thee is the beginning of true wisdom; Thou hast revealed Thy wisdom to children and didst teach Thy law to Solomon and to all those who have sought Thee in purity of heart.  Open the hearts, the minds, and the lips of those who are students, that they may perceive the power of Thy law, and successfully comprehend the useful things which will be taught them, so that they will understand Thy perfect will and contribute to the building up of Thy Holy Church.  Deliver them from every snare of the enemy, preserve them in the true faith and in righteousness and purity all the days of their lives, that they may grow in wisdom and in the observance of Thy commandments, and may be revealed as worshipers of Thy Name and heirs of Thy Kingdom. Bless also their teachers, O Lord; grant that their words may be free from every worldly deceit and vanity, and may always clearly proclaim the word of Thy truth.

For Thou art God, the Author of truth and the Fountain of wisdom, and unto Thee we ascribe glory:  to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.


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