6 Practices to Combat Despondency, Part 2

If you haven’t been keeping up with Deacon Michael Hyatt’s journey through my book, Time and Despondency, this last day before the Advent Fast (New Calendar) is the perfect TIME to start! Check out the newest episode here. It’s about the practices of thanksgiving and confession, and the episode is one of three devoted to practical ways to approach and counter despondency in everyday life (Chapter 7 of the book).

In other news, tomorrow’s a big day! Not only am I off to speak at the Ancient Faith Women’s Retreat (hoping to see some of you there!), but it’s also the first day of the Nativity Fast. Consequently, this means it will be the first day of the first annual Time Eternal Blogathon. Every day from now until the Feast of Theophany, you’ll find a post a day from me and many guest contributors about reclaiming the peace and sacredness of time in the bustle of the Christmas season. I’ve been planning this out for months, so I’m really excited to see it go live! Make sure to subscribe to this blog so you can get these posts delivered to your email every morning.



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