On Allegations of Orthodox Fundamentalism (Part 3)

Tradition, Fundamentalism, and Modernity In my two most recent posts, I responded in depth to an article fromĀ Public Orthodoxy about fundamentalism.Ā The first responseĀ concerned the view taken by the article toward the Holy Fathers and Holy Tradition, and the second had to do with the relationship between Orthodoxy and the modern world. There is one section of the article that I have not yet discussed, and that is its conclusion. In this caseā€¦

On Allegations of Orthodox Fundamentalism (Part 2)

The Church and Modernity Earlier this week, I began examining an article fromĀ Public Orthodoxy entitled “Fundamentalism as ‘Orthodoxism.'”Ā In this article, the author laments what is, in his opinion, “ourĀ long-standing captivity to a sad caricature of Orthodoxy.” In the first part of my analysis I discussed two of his four main allegations: that the Orthodox world has developed an idolatrous attitude towards the Holy Fathers, and that it has additionally come to anā€¦

On Allegations of Orthodox Fundamentalism (Part 1)

On the Holy Fathers and Holy Tradition RecentlyĀ Public Orthodoxy published an article entitled “Fundamentalism as ‘Orthodoxism’.” The content is extremely characteristic not only of Public Orthodoxy in particular, but also of a growing trend in wider Orthodox circles, especially those of an academic character (Public Orthodoxy is published under the auspices of Fordham University, a Catholic institution). Seeing that the exemplified attitudes and beliefs are steadily gaining influence among Orthodox believers, Iā€¦

The Rise of Antichristianity

For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way. Then that lawless one will be revealed… II Thessalonians 2:7-8 I wrote that this site is intended, inĀ the words of Fr. Seraphim Rose, “to give one a perspective on those things which are happening in the world today which we come across in our daily experience, everyā€¦

Paradise 2.0: Googleā€™s Plan to Program Heaven on Earth

Iā€™ve made some pretty serious claims on this site over the past few months. Even if many agree with some of the things that Iā€™ve said, chances are high that many also think that Iā€™ve been prone to hyperbole in certain cases. The central thesis of this blog, that modernity is essentially the gradual development of the new religion of the Antichrist, is no doubt a rather bold assertion which many regardā€¦

Caesaropapism in the New York Times

Several days ago, I wrote briefly about the increasingly prevalent attitude that meaningful action is a synonym for political action. I was thinking that it would be worth reflecting on this subject further, and then conveniently Paul Krugman decided yesterday to illustrate my point for me: A funny thing is happening on the American scene: a powerful upwelling of decency. Suddenly, it seems as if the worst lack all conviction, while theā€¦

On Doing Nothing

People all across the country are demanding action in response to the latest school shooting. And although there have been exceptions, generally action is implicitly assumed to mean political action. This is one of the defining characteristics of modern life ā€” we are far more politicized now than at perhaps any other time in human history. So much so that even to call for a moment of silence is being seen asā€¦