Daily Lenten Podcast is up on Ancient Faith!

Kristina Wenger and I are excited to see our new podcast up on the Ancient Faith Radio site! The first episode has posted — it’s an introduction to the series of daily lenten mediations for children, with ideas for a lenten countdown you can put together now.

Subscribe now, on Ancient Faith and on our website: tending-the-garden.com

You’ll be all set to receive reminders of our daily podcast for children and their families, to enrich your family’s experience of Great Lent!



  1. I wanted to leave a comment about the podcast with Hillary and the Fasting study. Have no idea where you want such posts to go?

    1. You’re right — there’s no good place to comment on the Everyday Orthodox interviews!

      Please go ahead and post here. I’d love to hear what you thought, and I will pass it along to Hilary as well!

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