Blueprints Webinar now available on YouTube

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Center for Family Care graciously invited my co-author, Caleb Shoemaker, and me to do a webinar workshop on the new book, Blueprints for the Little Church. It was a lot of fun, and now the webinar is archived and available on YouTube.


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Elissa Bjeletich is the mother of five daughters, and serves as the Sunday school director at Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church in Austin, Texas. Find more information on her website:


  1. Thank you for taking on this project! I’m still reading through Blueprints, but so far the vignettes, stories, and practical info has helped me start to wrap my head around all the new “stuff”! My husband and I were chrismated, our 3 yr old twins baptized, a year ago August 30th. There is so to do and learn, and hearing others share their feelings of being overwhelmed, having uncooperative children, and general household chaos doesn’t go away, but we can find ways to move forward. And most importantly, bring the church and Christ’s love into our home in little ways.
    A “Homemade” prayer book, and a few other resources were mentioned… Are there links available?

    1. Carolyne, congratulations on your first year anniversary! I am grateful to hear that our book has been good company for you along this journey. It is true that there is so much available to us, such a rich tradition — it’s helpful to find out that we can pace ourselves; we don’t have to do everything at once. Family life is a struggle, and we are struggling together!

      Caleb and his family have a homemade prayer book, but I don’t think he was ever able to put together a printable file for that. From what I understand, they printed up the prayers that they use in church (every jurisdiction has a somewhat different translation) and printed them for their children, putting the prayers in binders so that they could add more over time. I’d recommend large print for the little ones!

      Our family uses a prayer book from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, because it uses simple (for us Orthodox) language and large print — it’s called ‘My Orthodox Prayer Book’ and it’s wonderful for families.

      If you can think of any specific links you need, I’d be happy to post them here!

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