Eastern Orthodox Reflections. Father Thomas Hopko draws on the wisdom of the Orthodox Christian Church and the Holy Scriptures to help us understand same-sex attraction, with both compassion and clarity. Combining theological and pastoral insights, this small gem will aid pastors, those who experience same-sex desires, and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the nature of our identity and our sexuality. This book is in reality a primer on how to overcome…

Children in Church

Dear Brothers and Sisters, As God has seen fit to grant our mission growth, we are now experiencing growing pains. Particularly, we are learning how to incorporate families with young children into our parish life. I think over the last little while both parents and the community at large has felt some discomfort as parents have struggled to learn how to teach their children to behave in Church. With this in mind,…

Pascha Party!

Here is Jim heading home with his family’s many Pascha Baskets ‘Christ is Risen, Truly He is Risen!” (Fr. Michael and Family)The kids exploring on Fr.’s land! Thank God for such a beautiful Pasha Day! Thank god, we had a beautiful Pascha day, full of meat, cheese and sunshine! Christ is Risen, Truly He is Risen!

Christ is Risen!

Blessed Bright week!Thank God, we have just completed our third Lent and Pascha together here at Holy Nativity!This year’s celebration was especially meaningful as we have just recently recieved our official name and Antamincian from His Grace Bishop JOSEPH, our loving father in Christ!Here are photos of our Priest Fr. Micheal and our brand new deacon, deacon Chris, on Holy Pascha! Christ is Risen!