Palm Sunday Reflection

After rising Lazarus in Bethany, about two miles from Jerusalem, Jesus sends two of his disciples into Jerusalem to get the untamed colt of a donkey for him to ride into the city.  That Jesus rode and didn’t walk showed his royal status, but that he rode a donkey and not a horse showed that he came as a peacemaker and not a conquer.  However, the hymns for Palm Sunday also emphasize the prophetic meaning of Jesus riding an untamed donkey.  That the donkey was both untamed and an unclean animal according to the Law represented the conversion and taming of the Gentiles—those who would believe in Jesus, but who were not of Jewish heritage.

Another aspect of the feast that the hymns emphasize is that the praise given to Jesus as He enters Jerusalem is out of the mouths of innocent babes.  I think this is particularly significant this year as we adults are concerned about so many worries.  It is, perhaps, to our young children we should be listening.  What are our children telling us as, perhaps, they have enjoyed much more time with us than usual?  What are our children telling us as we pray with them at home?  What can we learn from the mouths of our innocent children today that we might have ignored yesterday in our busyness rushing here and there? What have we learned about prayer at home and time with the family that we can make part of our new normal as we move forward?

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