Recently, there has been a growing openness among Christians in the Reformed tradition to Eastern Orthodoxy.  The OrthodoxBridge is intended to serve as a meeting place where Calvinists and Orthodox can dialogue, ask questions, exchange opinions, and debate matters of faith in a civil manner.

The title has several meanings.  One, a bridge serves as a connection that reaches across a deep gap.  Two, a bridge brings people together for friendly dialogue and exchange.  Three, a bridge can serve as a  means by which a person can cross over from one side to the other.

The beliefs and practices of Eastern Orthodoxy can seem strange to those not familiar with it.  While interested in Orthodoxy many Calvinists find aspects of Orthodoxy questionable.  It is our hope that we can show our Calvinist friends that big “O” Eastern Orthodoxy is truly biblical and small “o” orthodox in the fullest sense of the word.

We welcome your reactions, questions, and feedback, and look forward to many interesting and invigorating dialogues.  May our great God and Savior Jesus Christ be glorified!

Robert Arakaki

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