What Do Orthodox Christians Believe about Justification?

A Response to Protestant Criticisms ¬† Today’s posting is by Eric Jobe. ¬†Eric has graciously given permission for his article which originally appeared on Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy to be reposted here. ¬†Source   As Protestant Christians find their way to examining the Orthodox Christian faith, they very often remark about the inconsistency of Orthodox Christianity on the matter of justification by¬†faith, or else they even say that Orthodoxy has no such doctrine‚Ķ

Why I’m Becoming Orthodox (2 of 3)

  Part 2¬†— Why I Deny¬†Penal Substitutionary Atonement by Matt Ferdelman   Today’s posting is by Matt Ferdelman. ¬†Welcome Matt!¬† Matt Ferdelman is a catechumen at St. Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church in Dayton, Ohio. Matt was born into the Pentecostal church where he attended for the first 17 years of his life. In 2008 he began the process of becoming a five-point Calvinist at Apex Community Church in Kettering, OH, where‚Ķ