The Apostolic Failure of the Reformed Church

  Some of the readers of the OrthodoxBridge have questioned whether there is in fact a trend of Protestants converting to Orthodoxy.¬† One important evidence can be found in ‚ÄúSearching for the Historic Christian Church: The Allure of Eastern Orthodoxy‚ÄĚ by Pastor Mike Brown.¬† The article opens with: In the past five or six years, I have known several people who have left Reformed Christianity for Eastern Orthodoxy. Their reasons for making‚Ķ

Baptist Questions About Ignatius of Antioch

    Dear Folks,¬†Burckhardtfan wrote¬†some important questions about¬†Ignatius of Antioch‚Äôs understanding of the early Church. As my answer grew longer I decided to turn it into a blog posting.Burkhardtfan wrote: Mr. Arakaki, Thank you for another brilliant post. I just have two questions: 1. When Ignatius says that nothing should be done without the bishop, what does he mean by the word ‚Äėbishop‚Äô? Does it mean a local pastor or someone with‚Ķ