No Bowing Allowed?

  A reader recently wrote: My greatest struggle with Orthodoxy is the veneration of saints, angels, and Blessed Mary. In the Book of Revelations there is a scene that plays on 22:8 where John bows to an angel and the angel rebukes him. Typically, Roman Catholic and Orthodox say that he was rebuked for trying to worship the angel (not venerate). The problem though (in my view) is that is the Beloved‚Ķ

The Apostolic Failure of the Reformed Church

  Some of the readers of the OrthodoxBridge have questioned whether there is in fact a trend of Protestants converting to Orthodoxy.¬† One important evidence can be found in ‚ÄúSearching for the Historic Christian Church: The Allure of Eastern Orthodoxy‚ÄĚ by Pastor Mike Brown.¬† The article opens with: In the past five or six years, I have known several people who have left Reformed Christianity for Eastern Orthodoxy. Their reasons for making‚Ķ

Baptist Questions About Ignatius of Antioch

    Dear Folks,¬†Burckhardtfan wrote¬†some important questions about¬†Ignatius of Antioch‚Äôs understanding of the early Church. As my answer grew longer I decided to turn it into a blog posting.Burkhardtfan wrote: Mr. Arakaki, Thank you for another brilliant post. I just have two questions: 1. When Ignatius says that nothing should be done without the bishop, what does he mean by the word ‚Äėbishop‚Äô? Does it mean a local pastor or someone with‚Ķ