Christ Is Risen!


Christ Trampling Down Death


Today Hades cried out groaning: “My power has been trampled on; the Shepherd has been crucified, and Adam He raised up.  I have been deprived of those, over whom I ruled; and all those, I had the power to swallow, I have disgorged.  He, Who was crucified has cleared the tombs.  The dominion of Death is no more.”  Glory O Lord, to Your Cross and Your Resurrection.

Holy Saturday Morning – Liturgy of St. Basil




  1. Truly, He is risen!
    Thank you very much for your great help in this website!
    May the Day that God has Resurrected brings you Peace, Happiness and Joyful Times Always!

  2. He is risen indeed!

    It would be nice if we always celebrated Easter at the same time! Christmas too. Maybe the west could adopt the Orthodox Easter dates and the Orthodox could adopt western Christmas date? But fundamentalism on both sides probably kills that idea as each wants to win and for the other side to loose. So lacking in unity and love which the Lord says is the mark of Christians.

    1. Dawid,

      I wish you a joyous Pascha!

      Celebrating Christmas and Easter on the same days would be nice, but more important is sharing the same Faith. We need to converse with each other about what it means to hold to the historic Christian Faith.

      Some Orthodox parishes celebrate on the same day as Western churches. These are the new calendar Orthodox. Those who celebrate Christmas almost two weeks later hold to the old calendar. It’s a bit confusing, but in Honolulu the old calendar ROCOR parish is in communion with the new calendar Greek parish.

      All Orthodox churches share the same calendar for Lent and Easter. I often wonder why all Protestant churches follow the Roman Catholic calendar. Given their declared independence from Rome, one might expect at least some Protestant churches to adopt the Orthodox calendar. But then, it may be that Protestant churches depend on Hallmark cards and local newspapers for when Easter take place. So what is the Protestant basis for determining when to celebrate Easter? Orthodoxy follows the formula set forth in the canons of the First Ecumenical Council (Nicea I).


      1. As best I know the Protestant date for Easter follows whatever calculation that the RCs use. Frankly I doubt it has anything to do with Hallmark. Luther initially wanted to diverge as little as possible from Rome. I have no idea how the RCs calculate the date. Personally my preference would be to sync up with the Jewish Passover dates but even more important would be Christian unity on this, world wide and so the Nicea calculation is acceptable.

        1. I am not convinced that big bang unification is likely to happen but maybe in small ways a step at a time we could come closer together.

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