Which Path to Church Unity? Recognition vs Reception

¬†   From time to time my friends and I get into a discussion about Christian unity.¬† Anglicans and Roman Catholics seem to be especially eager to reunite with the Orthodox and I have to explain why such efforts are difficult, if not improbable.¬† This position is often met with frustration and perplexity: Why can‚Äôt we just be one?¬† What‚Äôs the hang up?¬† I began to notice that we seem to be‚Ķ

Tertullian Refutes the ‚ÄúFall of the Church‚ÄĚ Heresy

¬† The ‚Äúfall of the church‚ÄĚ heresy is widely held among Protestants but not unique to Protestants.¬† The ‚Äúfall of the church‚ÄĚ was something that early Christians had to contend with as well.¬† Tertullian answered it in ‚ÄúThe Prescription Against Heretics.‚ÄĚ The ‚Äúfall of the church‚ÄĚ refers to the belief that after the Apostles died the early Christians strayed from the original Apostles‚Äô teachings and practices.¬† This has been known as the‚Ķ

Geneva Bible Compared With Orthodox Study Bible

                    Third of a four part review of the Geneva Bible ¬† ¬† ¬† Part 1¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Part 2 Study bibles do more than help the reader understand the Bible, they also shape the reader‚Äôs theology according to a particular faith tradition.¬† This can be seen in the Geneva Bible and the Orthodox Study Bible.¬† I will show this by laying out‚Ķ

Are Conversions to Orthodoxy Tragic? A Response to Leithart

Folks, ¬† Today’s posting contains Gabe Martini’s excellent response to Peter Leithart. ¬†I will be uploading my response to Rev. Leithart shortly. ¬†Robert   Are conversions to Orthodoxy tragic? This is a¬†continuing notion¬†from Leithart and other, similar Protestants, who have adopted certain aspects of the Catholic tradition while refusing to adopt the fullness of the Body of Christ. This it not to say (at all) that Dr. Leithart is not a Christian,‚Ķ

Geneva Bible and Sola Scriptura

The recent Reformed resurgence has given rise to a renewed interest in the Geneva Bible.  Many people associate Protestantism with the King James Version (KJV), but the neo-Reformed enthusiasts look down on the KJV which was produced under the sponsorship of King James and the Church of England.  They prefer instead the Geneva Bible that the Puritans and Pilgrims brought to the New World.  For them the Geneva Bible represents the truer Reformed understanding of…

Christian Images Before Constantine

¬† Book Review:¬†Early Christian Attitudes toward Images¬†by Steven Bigham (3¬†of¬†4)   This blog posting is a continuation of my earlier reviews of Father Steven Bigham‚Äôs book. ¬†Chapter 1 & Chapter 2. In this posting I will be reviewing and interacting with Chapter 3: ‚ÄúThe Early Christians and Images.‚ÄĚ New Testament Evidence Bigham notes that the New Testament is totally silent with respect to Christian or non-idolatrous images (p. 81).¬† This silence can‚Ķ

Is Conversion to Orthodoxy Escapist? A Response to Pastor Steven Wedgeworth

¬† On 16 May 2013, The Calvinist International posted an article by Pastor Steven Wedgeworth: ‚ÄúAlexander Schmemann on Ecclesiastical Counter-Utopia.‚Ä̬† It is a curious article; apart from the one opening sentence by Pastor Wedgeworth, the rest of the blog posting consists of selections from a speech given by Fr. Alexander Schmemann in 1981 titled: “Between Utopia and Escape.” ¬†I could be mistaken but it seems that the point Pastor Wedgeworth wants to‚Ķ