Response to Michael Horton

Response to Michael Horton — Are Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism Compatible? ¬† NO   In this blog posting I will be responding to Pastor Michael Horton’s chapter in Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism¬†“Are Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism Compatible? ¬† NO.” Pastor Michael Horton is a prominent leader among Reformed Christians.¬† His position is that Eastern Orthodoxy and the Reformed faith are¬†incompatible. Horton divides his essay into two parts: Range of‚Ķ

Response to Theodore ‚Äď Semi-Pelagianism, Sola Fide, and Theosis

On 22 December 2011, Theodore wrote: #1 — Granting that the Eastern Orthodox Church (“EOC”) has an ancient tradition, and, further, that its pretty rituals contain much sacred meaning, the fact remains that it is — by its own admission — semi-Pelagian, and, as such, teaches a false religion. ¬†Debates about the nature, duration, and content of the service are totally irrelevant when what is presented to the congregation is antithetical to‚Ķ