Geneva Bible for Orthodox Russia?

Part 4 of 4. ¬†Parts¬†1, ¬†2, and ¬†3. In 1995, the New Geneva Study Bible was published by Thomas Nelson Publishers under the editorial leadership of R.C. Sproul and J.I. Packer. R.C. Sproul has ambitious goals for this new study bible including using it to evangelize Russia.   He writes: Beyond the borders of America, the New Geneva Study Bible may be used to expand the light of the Reformation to lands‚Ķ

Saint Nicholas and the Meaning of Christmas

  Has the meaning of Christmas changed in recent years?¬† Has the creeping commercialism of the past 40 years radically reshaped our understanding of Christmas?¬† We learn in the news about Black Friday and Green Monday, about record sales and great bargains, and sadly about customers fighting other customers so they can get the perfect gift for their loved ones.¬† Television shows talk about our having ‚Äúthe best Christmas ever!‚Ä̬† It is‚Ķ

A Protestant Exodus? ‚Äď My Response to Peter Leithart

  In Rev. Peter Leithart’s recent column for First Things: ‚ÄúThe tragedy of conversion‚ÄĚ (7 October 2013), he describes as tragic Protestants who acquired the taste for ‚Äúcatholicity and unity‚ÄĚ and instead of remaining Protestant go so far as to convert to the Orthodox Church or to Rome.¬† This is a crisis affecting Protestantism in general and the Federal Vision movement in particular. ¬†The New York Times published an article in 2009‚Ķ

Are Conversions to Orthodoxy Tragic? A Response to Leithart

Folks, ¬† Today’s posting contains Gabe Martini’s excellent response to Peter Leithart. ¬†I will be uploading my response to Rev. Leithart shortly. ¬†Robert   Are conversions to Orthodoxy tragic? This is a¬†continuing notion¬†from Leithart and other, similar Protestants, who have adopted certain aspects of the Catholic tradition while refusing to adopt the fullness of the Body of Christ. This it not to say (at all) that Dr. Leithart is not a Christian,‚Ķ

Geneva Bible and the City on a Hill

  Part 2¬†of 4. Parts¬†1,¬†¬†3, and ¬†4. One striking feature about the recent promotions of the Geneva Bible is the reworking of church history.¬† They depict a tyrannical King James who oppressed freedom loving Puritans and how the Geneva Bible played a pivotal role in the emergence of democracy in America, but history is more complicated than that.   The website for claims: The notes also infuriated King James, since they‚Ķ

Geneva Bible and Sola Scriptura

The recent Reformed resurgence has given rise to a renewed interest in the Geneva Bible.  Many people associate Protestantism with the King James Version (KJV), but the neo-Reformed enthusiasts look down on the KJV which was produced under the sponsorship of King James and the Church of England.  They prefer instead the Geneva Bible that the Puritans and Pilgrims brought to the New World.  For them the Geneva Bible represents the truer Reformed understanding of…

Drop The Filioque .Com

September 1st marks the launch of a new site:  This web site was created by a group of Orthodox Christians who want to respond to overtures by Roman Catholics seeking the reunification of Roman Catholicism with Eastern Orthodoxy. One major impediment to reunification is the Filioque clause in the Nicene Creed.  The original version of the Nicene Creed confessed: And in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the Creator of Life, Who…