It was while I attended a Reformed seminary — Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary — that I first became interested in Orthodoxy.  I was drawn to the staunch orthodoxy of the early Church Fathers, the deep sense of worship in the Orthodox liturgy, and the strong sense of historical continuity.  However, my journey to Orthodoxy was hampered by the fact that the Orthodox Christians I met were not able to address the questions I had as a Calvinist: What about icons?  What about sola scriptura (the Bible alone)?  What about sola fide (justification by faith alone)?  What about Mary?  What about TULIP?

I needed good reasons for converting from the Reformed tradition to Orthodoxy.  Eventually, I did my own theological and historical research, and bible study, and developed reasons why Eastern Orthodoxy is truly biblical and grounded in the historic Christian faith; much more so than the Reformed tradition.

The major challenge lies in the fact that Calvinism and Orthodoxy operate from two different theological paradigms.  There is a need for theological translators who can explain the differences and commonalities between two great Christian theological traditions.  It is my hope that I can help Calvinists interested in Orthodoxy come to a better understanding of Orthodoxy and perhaps cross over to the other side.

Robert Arakaki

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