Glimpses of Orthodoxy in Great Britain and America 1519-1917

This month got off to a hectic start with a week long trip to Great Britain. The main purpose of the trip was to promote the newly published work of Orthodox history in the West entitled Embassy, Emigrants, and Englishmen. One of the events in the week was a talk I gave at St Aidan’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in Manchester, giving an overview and glimpses of the development of Orthodoxy on both sides of the Atlantic over a four hundred year period leading up to the Russian revolution. One of my convictions is that there was a whole lot more going on between the historically Orthodox lands of the East and Western countries than is commonly realized. I see the spread of Orthodoxy to the West as a consequence of the Fall of Constantinople to the Turks in 1453, leading to a lot of interaction between the Orthodox East and the Anglo-Saxon Western culture of Britain and America ever since. So Orthodoxy doesn’t need to be seen as some kind of entirely alien import into British or American life.

I could write more here, but for now why not just listen to the lecture, that Ancient Faith Radio have kindly made available here.


  1. Every Orthodox Christian in America should listen to this lecture and come away thoroughly amazed at all of the facts in Chapman’s lecture. It is never boring-a wonderful learning experience
    delivered smoothly with wit and charm. Superb!
    Elaine Mitrovich-

  2. I would like to know about how to

    I am a convert to Holy Orthodoxy;
    I was chrismated on Meat fare Sunday
    2 March 2003! I belong to St. Gregory
    of Nyssa Orthodox ( Campus ) Church
    on the campus of the Ohio State University. St. Gregory belongs to the
    OCA ( Orthodox Church in America.)

  3. Greetings from Virginia,

    A blessed forthcoming Feastday of the Dormition of the Theotokos to all!

    I honourably, give thanks to both, Mr Nicholas Chapman and Mr Matthew Namme,
    for their ongoing efforts of sharing with us the rich history of Orthodoxy in the Americas, to which I am ever grateful to God for discovering their lectures. I greatly appreciate it, dear gentlemen, as well all those whom are involved!

    Henceforth, I first came across the “American Orthodox History” Podcasts on Ancient Faith Radio by Matthew Namme, and remember him talking about Colonel Philip Ludwell III of Green Springs — it was deeply interesting. (This was some while ago)

    My wife and I just moved back to Newport News, which is about twenty-five minutes away from Williamsburg, but while we where living in Williamsburg, we, by the grace of God, attended Divine Liturgy at Saints Demetrios the Great Martyr Orthodox Church, (a Greek-American [&and Russian] parish.)

    There we remember Mr Nicholas visiting and speaking some about Colonel Philip Ludwell III. Yet, at the time I did not realise, or at the time could not recall who Mr Nicholas was, until my memory came back to me that I had heard of his name somewhere, and then only until a few days after he left, I remembered I was reading the blogs at both and — I wish to have met him as he visited, but we had at the time, our newborn first child. Thus, I hope that maybe I would get the blessing if by chance he returns to Virginia again.

    Therefore, if there is anyone to help me contact Mr Nicholas, I would be joyful if one could pass my contact information to him, so one day perhaps we could meet over some books, meal or coffee. (attending a service too).

    Mobile: (757) 846-8202
    email hidden; JavaScript is required

    Thank you in advance!
    — Konstantinos

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