Re-Discovering Mary: The Orthodox Understanding of the Mother of God

This is a quick note and unashamed announcement that my book on Mary the Mother of God is now available for purchase.  It can be found at Amazon and also and also at Sebastian Press. 

Dr. Bradley Nassif wrote of it: “In just a few short pages, Father Lawrence explores difficult questions that have surrounded the biblical and patristic understanding of Mary’s place in the Church. These include such issues as Mary’s prefiguration in the Old Testament, sacramental and prophetic typologies, her perpetual virginity, holiness, bodily assumption into heaven, prayers, the interpretation of early Christian apocryphal and patristic literature, and dogmatic theology. I am aware of no other book on Mary that is as clear, substantial, and critically reliable as this one.”

Bishop Daniel (Brum), the OCA bishop fo Santa Rosa, wrote: “Father Lawrence Farley’s present work leads us through a study of Mary that is both insightful and probing, succinct and comprehensive. Re-discovering Mary: The Orthodox Understanding of the Mother of God, leads us through a welcomed and helpful study of Mary from the traditional Orthodox perspective, an approach which is set upon the solid ground of the scriptures, history, and Christian doctrine…There is something to be found in this work by everyone who seeks to be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. Scholars, teachers and students, and anyone who seeks to walk the authentic Christian path will find this look into Mary to be beneficial.  I wholeheartedly recommend Father Lawrence’s work to all who are seeking to deepen their relationship with Mary and, through her, with her Divine Son.”

Fr. Chad Hatfield, the President of St. Vladimir’s Seminary wrote:  “I predict this book will find a niche as a tool for parish classes and catechetical instruction.”

I hope that this work will prove a blessing.








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  1. Fr. Lawrence,

    Thank you so much for blessing me again with another “eye opening” (and spirit opening) text.
    01. “One simply cannot determine something’s importance in the Church by the amount of apostolic ink expended in writing about it.” From a “former” fundamentalist, may I say you laid a great foundation for leading up to this statement.
    02. What great thoughts regarding descent and ascent. Very encouraging.
    03. Thank you very much for this explanation on the Greek term used in Luke 1:28 and often translated as “full of grace”. It focuses on Mary not as a source of grace, but as its recipient.
    04. It was a weight only boundless humility could bear. What a wonderful statement.
    05. As usual, I learn SO much from your “suggestions” and “posits”. e.g. Mary’s “role reversal”. On occasion, you have stated that a “position” you have taken has “come at a cost”. In my humble opinion, (your audience) is BLESSED by the COST the Lord required of you. I need a second by second “role reversal”.

    After reading this, I ordered a couple of copies to “share” with some of my “friends” who question Mary’s role in the Christian faith.

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