Day 2: Sunday Best

Remember when I said I would not simply post excerpts from Nearly Orthodox for 30 (or 40) days for this challenge? Well, I meant it…even though there IS a chapter in the book entitled, “Sunday Best.” I’m beginning to think Fr John Peck is testing my resolve here, but that might be paranoid so I’ll just leave that thought alone in a closet somewhere until after the Nativity Fast is over. Sometimesā€¦

Day 1: Rules

It’s not cheating to post an excerpt of my book for this first post of the Advent blogging challenge. It’s not. That being said, I promise I won’t just post excerpts of the book every day for 30 (or 40) days. I will actually wring new words from my overworked brain for you, my lovely readers. šŸ˜‰ This bit of Nearly Orthodox comes from a chapter called, “Just Add Water” and whileā€¦

Day One: Beards

It’s not cheating for me to post an excerpt from my book, “Nearly Orthodox” (coming soon from Ancient Faith Publishers!) Ok, it’s a little bit cheating but when I read about the prompt from the Preacher’s Institute for today’s topic it jumped into my brain. So, there’s that. ………. The first time I rode a two-wheeled bike it was with my older brother J.D. standing behind me, both hands on the backā€¦