long time coming…

I’ve been considering a return to ancient traditon for a long time now. I was raised Roman Catholic, left that faith when I was in college and then while I kept my belief and love of God and the person of Jesus I just never found a home.

I have a family now. They are, I recognize, a brood of little prophets.

I have a husband who is strong in theologian leanings but short in tradition.

I’m missing something deep. I’m missing something deeply.

So I am beginning this blog to keep track of myself as I start to explore the Greek Orthodox tradition.

I’m so often starting things I don’t finish so this is my attempt to be sure I come to some progress, have some accountability, self imposed may it be.

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  1. Thank-you. (May seem odd getting a comment on your very first post from almost 5 1/2 years ago) But, thanks to this post, and following you off and on on twitter these past couple of years, I decided myself to restart my blog, Journey of Words as I become more serious about my explorations of Orthodoxy. I figured Great Lent was as good a time as any to add a bit of regular writing to my attempts at prayer, fasting, and church services over the next several weeks.

    So, I thank you for your journey and for articulating it so well and giving me the confidence to put myself and my journey out there as well.

    In Christ.

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