Abbot Tryphon of the All-Merciful Saviour Monastery was attacked while pumping gas at a Burien, WA gas station Tuesday around noon. A random man came over, and sucker punched Abbot Tryphon in the face, knocking him to the ground. They had to wait for paramedics, and a sheriff came and took his report. Father Tryphon was with Father Martin of the monastery, and they were out running errands. Father Martin was in the vehicle when the attack occurred. They are both shaken up by the incident, and at this time, Abbot Tryphon’s hearing has been affected.

Please pray for Abbot Tryphon and especially that there is no permanent damage. The police are looking for the attacker.

Archpriest Basil Rhodes

Abbot Tryphon

About Abbot Tryphon

The Very. Rev. Abbot Tryphon is Igumen of All-Merciful Saviour Monastery on Vashon Island, Washington. Situated in the heart of a beautiful forest, surrounded by the Salish Sea, the monastery is reached by ferry from either Seattle, or Tacoma, Washington.


  1. I am so shocked and sorry to hear this. You are in my prayers. May our Lord heal you completely and keep you all in safety. He is indeed our refuge.

  2. I have been so grieved with this news. Abbot our prayers are with you. Lord Jesus christ, son of the living God have mercy on us. We pray for abbot to have a speedy recovery have your angels be with him amen

  3. This beautiful soul and guide to so many, in being Christ -like has suffered in a like manner…may dear Abbot Tryphon recover and be blessed a hundred fold. May his attacker find the light of Christ in his own heart.

    1. Amen! May God have Mercy on us! Dear Lord place your Healing Hands on your beloved servant, Abbott Tryphon.

    2. My husband an Orthodox Priest and I are shocked to hear of this attack on such a beautiful soul who has helped so many … Our prayers are with you and may Christ and the angels look after you. We pray for your healing and the healing of the soul of the man who attacked you. We read your Morning Offering devotions and blog daily and are so inspired and encouraged by your words of wisdom. We encourage you to not be disheartened and to rest and recover for there are many who cherish you and are praying for you at this time. Aside, we noticed when we travel to Greece of the love and respect my husband receives as we walk around the cities and villages, a country that still respects its faith and its Priests. However, when we return home to Australia this is not so, the reaction of his presence in the public domain is of shock, surprise and sometimes verbal abuse. May we all pray for the soul of our countries and its people who are lost to love of Christ.

  4. Truly shocking but so often do the Clergy and Religious in UK face hostility and violence. Perhaps part of the cross we are called to bear. Rest assured prayers shall be said for the Dear Abbot (and for you all) and that Fr Tryphon makes a full recovery.
    He, no doubt, is praying for the soul of attacker.

    En Christos

  5. Dear Father
    As we are approaching the time of Christ’s suffering, you shared in them. Praying that you will recover well. May I also say thank you for all your dedicated service despite all your difficulties.

  6. Dear Father Basil Rhodes
    This is a sad news. We pray for Abbot Tryphon to get well soon.
    In Christ
    Fr Aleksander Kobesi
    ROCOR of Bali

  7. Praying for the soul of your attacker and for your speedy recovery. May God’s Blessing reign down upon this situation and may there be glory and praise to God even in this event.

  8. Please, Dear God, help Abbot Tryphon recover quickly from this shocking hostile act. With the good Abbot, prayer offered for the attacker that he may come to ask forgiveness for his hatred and meanness and turn
    from such evil ways. In the name of Christ Jesus, Amen.

  9. We are praying for you Abbot Tryphon.
    Thank you for all you do and I am so grateful for your prayers and all the prayers of your brothers.
    Please take care and may the Lord have mercy upon you.

  10. Dear Fr. Tryphon,
    W e are praying for you and your quick and full recovery. I know you will be praying for the attacker. And we will be praying for his forgiveness, healing and awakening .

  11. Father Tryphon, I pray that God grant you a speedy recovery. Lord have mercy on you and those that attacked you.
    with love and prayers, Harriet

  12. We live in such a troubled world. May God have Mercy. Prayers for GOD’s Healing Hand over his Beloved Servant Abbott Tryphon. And Prayers for the attacker to come to the knowledge & awareness of God.

  13. I am appalled. I know that hundreds more than appear on this website are praying for your well being. I also know that the healing presence of our Father is always with you.
    Jim Lewis

  14. May God bless and heal you, dear Father Tryphon! All of us here at Saint Herman’s in Port Townsend are praying for healing for both you and your attacker. With love in Christ, Photini

  15. Prayers going up for precious Tryphon. I am so shocked and sad to hear this. Lord Jesus please bless Father Tryphon and give him complete healing.

  16. My prayers go out to our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ for the health and well being of our beloved Fr. Tryphon and for his recovery from this assault, and for Fr. Martin for comfort and healing for having witnessed such a traumatic and unprovoked attack. Most Holy Theotokos Save Us, and may she comfort them and intercede on their behalf.
    +Rev. Dr. Emanuel S. Chris, M.D., M.Div.

  17. My prayers for healing continue. You are a blessing, may you also find blessing in the midst of this, and a full recovery.

  18. Lord have mercy on your beloved soul, Dearest Fr Tryphon. I am praying for your complete recovery. I’ve forwarded this message to my children and you can be assured that they all will pray for you. Theophan now has a prayer service and is very devoted to those who make prayer requests of him. God bless you.
    Love in Christ to you all.
    Candace Elizabeth

  19. Just learned about the attack. So sorry. My wife and I always are uplifted when we visit you and our parish was uplifted when you you led Liturgy there.

  20. I love Abbot Tryphon and I read him daily! All I can say is: rejoice dear elder, cause this is also martirism! Your daily mission is so helpful to each one of us and it is so God pleasing that the evil -one was pissed off so this is his way of acting… Of course… Dear father, just keep doing what you are doing, . Just don’t ever stop.. GO AHEAD bravely! Be healthy and be well.. may the Lord give you reward for your hard efforts! With love in Christ,

  21. I am praying for this dear man of God. May our Lord heal him completely, and may he take heart knowing he is suffering for Christ. Meanwhile we can also pray for all the Lord’s lost sheep who so fear Christ that they attack and persecute Christians all over the world.

  22. I am deeply sorry for what happened and may God have mercy on the attacker. He will be judged and given a chance to repent. May you have a speedy recovery with love and grace from all of us. We are praying for you. God bless you, go with God.
    With love in Christ Jesus,
    Victor B. Olshansky

  23. Dear Father
    So sorry to hear this news. God bless you with a speedy recovery and peace of heart.
    Prayers and blessings !

  24. I am so sorry Fr. Tryphon. I pray you may heal quickly. Please know we are all praying for you. Fr. Martin, I pray you, too, find strength and heal from this traumatic event.

  25. Praying for Fr. Tryphon that he will recover from his head injury and get back to work giving us the best messages to pertain to our everyday life on earth.

  26. Dear Father Tryphon, praying to the most Holy Theotokos to intercede to Her Son for a speedy full recovery and to also help Father Martin. The evil one is busy attacking those who help others save their souls and you are such an inspiration. I am amazed so many of your posts speak to me so loud it’s like you read my mine and you write to help me. You are favored with the Lord. I also pray that your attacker repents.

  27. Father, truly shocked to read this; may God grant you a speedy recovery. I pray your attacker comes to repentance of his cowardly deed.

  28. Dear Abbot Tryphon, Father Martin and all the brothers of the monastery, may the peace of the Lord be always with you.

  29. May the Lord be with Abbot Tryphon in his healing, especially during the upcoming Easter season when we know miracles and healings happen.

    My prayers are with you as the upcoming Tridum is upon us.

  30. Dear Abbot Tryphon ,

    So heartbroken to hear of what happened to you , Abbot. I pray that the Kardiotissa intercedes for you and that you have a speedy recovery to full health. Know that your are very loved by the faithful around the world. I pray that the attacker be found and brought to justice and that he comes to know the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for all you do for us.


    Michael W Cook
    Lewes, Delaware

  31. Oh, dear, dear Father Tryphon,
    I’m so sorry this has happened to you. Every bone in your body must be aching. My heart is with you, and my prayers are with you. I am angry with the young man! I’d love to give it right back to him! How dare he!!! And then, I read your posts about the incident: Interestingly, Father, I am struggling right now with forgiving, with judgment, and “rage-fisting”, sprinkled with my own prejudices I did not see. They’re ‘popping out of the woodwork”!!! So your compassion for this young man stirs in me, Father, at least the Desire to forgive. That’s as far as I can go at the moment in my heart because my heart is cold. However, because of that little desire stirred within, Father, ‘opportunities’ appear , forcing “desire” into action: do some beneficial task for the person I don’t like, nor wish to be around. I can see why “…heaven has to be taken by violence”! I have to fight my own will to do what’s pleasing to Him. Thank you for sharing your own struggles with us, Father–and “walking your talk”. I know you were not well anyway–and then this happens, exacerbating whatever your prior condition. An old quote comes to mind, Father, regarding following the Way of Christ, ‘Him I love, him I slay’. Then, I remember reading about St. Teresa of Avila, after a particularly arduous journey for a charitable mission; and having fallen with her cart in the water and mud, cried out to God, “If this is the way You treat Your friends, no wonder You have so few of them!” Both are true to me. Anyway, dear Father, sometimes Our Lord has a way of stopping us for a while for His reason and your sacrifice. You’ve probably worked yourself to death this year, especially during these recent times. So, maybe Our Lord wants you all to Himself for the rest of Great Lent. It’s His timing. I’ve been around clergy for most of my adult life, and you people won’t stop unless you’re forced to. Anyway, my dear Abbot Tryphon, please know that I began praying for you every day since I met you at our Conference in South Carolina. You and my dear Father Moses are two of 7 for whom I pray especially, i.e, call out your names everyday! The Morning Offering radiates authenticity, encouragement, and love and compassion, always full of resonating and inspiring wisdom; it touches the soul. There bursts out a yearning for God, and I am, at those fleeting moments, graced with a glimpse of “the pain of heart” that clergy must experience when they pray for us poor souls–“bright sadness”. Godspeed your recovery, dear Father. Sending Lots of Love, Healing Blessings, and Joy in Christ., (Red Turban)

  32. Dear Abbot Tryphon
    My prayers are with you.
    I’ll go to st Nektarios monastery to light a candle for you!!!!
    Dr Maria Pavlaki
    Aigina island, Greece

  33. Dear Abbot Tryphon ,

    I am aghast and so saddened to learn of your attack. What sad, suffering and tortured mind would have done such a thing. I have not met you, yet, on the Island, yet I feel such pain about your attack and send my loving prayers for your complete recovery, especially for your hearing loss. I pray for your attacker that he may be caught, taken where he cannot harm others, and feel the grace of your forgiveness. I thank you for your work, for the light you send into the world, and for your courage to forgive. I pray deeply for your complete and total recovery.

    Sally Fox
    Vashon Island

  34. Just heard your update and did not know what had happened to you. I am shocked. I pray that you will be granted a full recovery and your hearing restored to new. God bless you

  35. Dear Abbot Tryphon,
    I hope you are recovering. This is a shock to our mind as well as our body. I suspect He did not know what he was doing. There are so many mentally ill in the homeless population. My daughter was walking behind a distraught homeless man and he turned around and punched her in the forehead. She is barely 5 ft and he was a big man. It could have been worse. He was so agitated. Directing his anger at women. The police were called and arrived. They conversed with him across the street and both parties went on their way. There is no recourse. Except prayer and love. Which you promptly promoted. We simply must be vigil and acutely aware of our surroundings. Many of these people cannot stay in shelters because of their behavior they get kicked out. Mental illness is self treated with illegal drugs compounding the situation.

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