Abbot  Tryphon has not been posting on his blog because he has been asked by his Archbishop to cease his internet ministry for a while. We hope to resume soon. Father is physically fine. Please keep him in your prayers.

Hieromonk Paul

Abbot Tryphon

About Abbot Tryphon

The Very. Rev. Abbot Tryphon All-Merciful Saviour Monastery on Vashon Island, Washington. The Monastery is under the omophore of The Most Rev. Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco and Western America, of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. Situated in the heart of a beautiful forest, surrounded by the Salish Sea, the monastery is reached by ferry from either Seattle, or Tacoma, Washington.


    1. I use “The Morning Offering” in my daily devotionals to much inspiration and motivation in my daily struggle. I pray this absence is very brief. May God bless Abbot Tryphon and the Monastery!

  1. I am sincerely hoping he will be back soon. I hope his archbishop does realize that he has been God’s way of drawing many, many converts, (myself among them) into the Orthodox Church. His past and his path have reached out to many people of other denominations as well as many total non-believers. May God watch over Abbot Tryphon and grant wisdom to our leader both of state and church. Prayers for the quick return of my Daily Offering!

  2. I’m Catholic and I follow the Orthodox Church with love & interest on the social media. This is the first time in 64 years that I have had ANY contact whatsoever with the Orthodox Church… precisely BECAUSE of social media. If I had had any experience of the Orthodox Church earlier in my life, I believe I would have become Orthodox. Orthodox social media is the spirit of John the Baptist preparing the way for the King.

  3. I was wondering… glad to know.
    I hope we will see some of the brotherhood at St Nicholas in Tacoma this weekend. Blessings

  4. I completely understand, it is a fine line when it comes to truly being Orthodox in America. THANK YOU for posting this notice so there is absolutely no room for speculation! Christ reigns over all. Blessings!

  5. I am glad he is fine! I have worried as well. But I really do miss his presence and the daily bible readings…..

  6. Hope the Morning Offerings will be back soon. Thank God that Abbot Tryphon is ok and look forward for his postings. This activity is of high importance for all Christians, the comments of Abbot Tryphon are full of wisdom and love.

    Thank you Father Tryphon, I will miss you a lot. God bless you.

  7. Thank you for the information Father Paul. I was concerned about Father Tryphon and am relieved to know he is physically well. I do hope The Morning Offering will resume soon. Reading it was an inspirational way for me to start my day and I very much miss that. Of course he will be in my prayers.

  8. Rob from Australia.
    I too am happy Fr Tryphon is well and commend him for his obedience to his Bishop. I am a member of the Antiochian O Church here, and it’s about the only O Church here where the service is celebrated in the vernacular. Looking forward to receiving these daily bible readings again soon, however. God bless all.

  9. Thanks for the information. Father Tryphon will be in our prayers!
    I hope the morning offering to be back soon.

  10. I wander around the Orthodox cybernet almost every day and Fr Tryphon’s postings can be found reposted far and wide and have a beneficial effect on both the Orthodox and on people considering converting. His recent message on same sex attraction was firm and charitable and has been an encouragement to the Orthodox struggling with this and fighting to preserve celibacy in the face of, as Fr Tryphon wrote, the need for intimacy.

  11. Thank you for letting us know that Abbot is well. We (my wife and I) miss his postings and look forward to when he will resume.

  12. We truly miss his daily wisdom but glad to hear he is in good health. We look forward to his return. God bless you , Abbot Tryphon!

  13. Sad to hear, I hope Fr. Tryphon will be posting again soon. I and many of my parishioners and friends are truly edified by Fr. Tryphon’s words.

  14. To all the monks at All Merciful Saviour Monastery,
    Prayers and kindest wishes to you all. Sometimes a pause is a good thing!
    It’s so good to know all are well.

  15. So glad Fr. Tryphon is okay, I just shared with my wife and she is so disappointed, she would look forward every morning to my sharing his posts. She says he is her morning inspiration as well as mine.

  16. Thank you for putting us all at ease .
    He is much loved and his words are missed (my morning rituals have a gap!) – please know that he is also in my prayers.
    Brother in Christ

  17. I am so sad to hear this, I look forward to his wisdom each and every day! Happy to hear that he is doing well. I pray the archbishop allows him to resume his daily Spuritual uplifting message’ ❣️

  18. I am glad Father is well. I will miss starting my day with an enlightening word from Father Tryphon. Starting the day with ones heart and mind in Christ is esential to the wellbeing of ones body and soul. I hope and pray that Father will be able to return to his edifying writings soon. In the meantime, enjoy the extra time for fruitful prayer and study. My prayers are with you.

  19. Thank you for the information, Father Paul. I was worried about Father Tryphon and am relieved to know he is well. I very much miss starting my day with The Morning Offering. It was lovely to have the daily scripture readings presented on the blog, and I love the list of the saints of the day. Father Tryphon and all of you at the monastery are always in my morning prayers.
    With much love in Christ, Jan (Photini)

  20. Thanks so much for the update on Abbott Tryphon. I look forward to his morning offering to give me inspiration for the day. He helps strengthened my faith and to grow in my understanding in my faith. Look forward to his return. Will keep him in prayer.

  21. I truly miss Fr. Tryphon’s daily offering. I have been ill for the past 6 weeks. I have read his messages in the middle of the night as soon as they were posted so I would have something to reflect on instead of how much I was hurting.
    May God continue to bless Fr.’ministry on the internet.
    Thank you Fr. Tryphon for all your many years of devotion-to us as well as to your Bishop.
    With love,
    Protinica Mary Anne

  22. Thank you for letting us know.
    Please ask the Archbishop to allow Abbot Tryphon to resume as we very much look forward to all he has to say.
    We pray for health for both, the Archbishop and Abbot Tryphon.

  23. Fr Paul, thank you for your news. I cannot comprehend your Bishop’s decision but at least the good Father I well. You, Fr Tryphon and all the brothers are in our prayers (as is the Bishop also!).

    En Christos
    Fr Bill.

  24. Thank God Father Abbot Tryphon is physically well. I will continue to pray for him. I will miss his words of wisdom each morning, which I’ve been enjoying as part of my prayer rule.

  25. May God Grant Many Years to Archbishop +Kyrill and the monks of Vashon Island!
    Mnojaya Lita!
    Holy Royal Martyrs, pray for us!

  26. Dear Father,

    I just heard that you had been asked to cease your internet ministry for a time. I am glad to hear that you are well, physically. A visitor to our mission just last Sunday expressed great concern to me about not hearing from you publicly for some time. I assured him that if something was afoot regarding your health it would become known and that I believed all would be ok. I, of course, do not know the circumstances, and so many miss your important presence in their lives, but we both know the value and the cross of obedience. I pray for you my friend, and especially that your silence be brief.

    In Christ,
    Fr. Basil Henry

  27. With Wishes for many Blessings to All who are involved in this decision …
    The Morning Offering has been a valuable addition to my journey of striving
    to live from a more faith-centered focus … especially on social media where
    a spiritual balance to the secular content is essential …
    Many Thanksgiving Prayers from Canada …

  28. hello fathers: thank you for the update. hegumen tryphon has not posted since 27 september. it would have been prudent to post much sooner to reduce speculation and unnecessary stress upon his readers. pace e bene! father john

  29. The morning offering lifts our spirits every day and it is sorely missed. I am greatly relieved to learn that Abbott Tryphon is well. On behalf of all of us, please entreat the Archbishop to allow the offering to resume as soon as possible. We need it!
    Sydney, Australia

  30. Father, thank you. I’ve missed hearing The Morning Offering every morning. It’s part of my daily spiritual practice. I say my morning prayers and then listen to The Morning Offering during my morning commute. I pray you’re able to return to your posts and podcast soon

    In XC,’

  31. I am so very relieved to know that Abbott Tryphon is well and will continue to pray for him and for all of the monks in the monastery as this silencing of the online ministry must be a painful time for all. I know many people who love starting their day with this blog, from college students to people in their 60’s. I have learned so much about our faith from it and have been inspired to learn and read even more – I can see no downside to continuing it and many, many benefits to continuing it! Having an Orthodox presence in social media is so very important, especially for the young, and I pray that the blog can resume as soon as possible! I miss it so much!

  32. Please come back soon! Your messages are so on point, and I am Roman Catholic. You are a wonderful bridge with an important spiritual message. I miss your blogs.

  33. Thank you Father Paul for letting us know, I was getting concerned. Father Tryphon’s blog is a much-needed, thoughtful and spiritually-uplifting ray of light. His blog is like the hand of a parent, gently nudging my shoulder from the spiritual slumber of the daily grind and encouraging me to refocus my day on Christ. I will continue to remember our beloved Abbot: the Very Reverend Tryphon in my prayers, the brotherhood of the All Merciful Saviour and of course, His Eminence, Archbishop Kyrill.

  34. Was 😟 but thank God you are okay Priest and alive. God will sort everything out and His counsels alone will stand. I am not an Orthodox person but I read and gain a lot from his daily writings. Hope to read from you soon. God will bless you and your monastery.

  35. If there’s one person in church on Sunday hoping to see to see Abbot Tryphon there, it’s me (LOL, you had to be there). Seriously, Father Tryphon’s bearing and his representation of Orthodoxy had a lot to do with my approaching the Orthodox Church, in the first place. I read his blog everyday because he posted every day and I am respectful of that effort. I know it ain’t easy.
    Love and prayers for Abbot Tryphon.

  36. I only can say that Father Tryphon is a wonderful man, and he has a special place in my heart. He is such a big man for me.

    I am so grateful for knowing him.

    Most Holy Theotokos, bring joy to our wonderful father Tryphon!!! He deserved it!

  37. Greetings from down under:
    Dear Abbott Tryphon
    May God give you courage! Take care of yourself and ask for help.
    We can and will provide financial assistance .
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    George , Sydney Australia.

  38. This incidence with Father Tryphon has greatly confused me as a life long Orthodox Christian. Where is our freedom within the church? This type of obedience is counterproductive. The love and direction of so many has been hindered. Are we of Christ or of the law? This type of thing discourages me toward the formal church. This is not the first time I have personally experienced hurt by the decisions of the church hierarchy that were not in the best interest of the masses. Greetings and love to Father Tryphon and the monks.

  39. It saddens me to not see Abbot Tryphon’s daily blog posts. They are a huge encouragement in my daily spiritual habits. I hope that those in authority will reconsider his ability to continue his internet ministry. Lord willing, this will only be temporary.

  40. I hope the Morning Offering will be resumed soon. I find it to be an excellent way to start the day. Abbot Tryphon’s wisdom and guidance is invaluable.

  41. Very disappointed in the suspension of the Morning Offering. I only hope this is being done for correct reasons. To silence such profound statements gives me great concern that here we have been told nothing that goes to the heart of the issue,

  42. i tend to agree with most of the posts herein. to suspend the morning offering, to allow speculation for 10 days before confirming the hiatus, does not meet the smell test. the future of the eastern christian churches is in its embracing of the virtual media and not the traditional methods used by the wwII, baby boomers and the like. it is tragic this has occurred. however, we are to be obedient and trust in the Grace of the Holy Spirit. but, this reveals a pattern within this church, a nun was also silenced from her youtube ministry. all we can do is pray that God’s will shall be revealed in this desert experience. pace e bene, fr john

  43. I am glad to know Abbot Tryphon is well & continue to keep him in my prayers. I have been so blessed by his writing and podcasts over the years & I remain grateful for all the things I have learned from him.

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