Submission Guidelines


There are three ways to participate in the Living Water : Prayers and Praises with Single Parents outreach…

Pray and praise with us!

Most importantly we ask for the prayers of other single moms and single dads. While we often feel alone we are never truly alone…and not just in the sense of the “great cloud of witnesses” always with us, but in the reality that there are many of us walking similarly joyful, painful, and struggling paths in our own church families. Often we are invisible even to each other, however! Let’s choose to raise our voices in prayer and praise together.

And equally important, we ask that our church family—both our local parishes and priests and extending outward to the churches in America, monastics here and abroad and indeed the entire Orthodox world—pray with us! Sometimes it seems as if the nuclear-family-ideal of society creeps into our churches here in the US especially. We need all of you to actively “see” us and remember us in your prayers as the enemy is very active in trying to convince us that we are alone and neglected. 

Share with us!

The act of sharing our painful struggles and bittersweet joys alone brings us very real consolation—we feel less alone and more heard just by writing these requests and gratitudes down then pushing “send.” More than this, however, is how this sharing gives us the opportunity to lift each other’s burdens… When you share with us we will pray with you. And these prayers give us a chance to open all our hearts in new ways to the invisibly struggling who live, work and worship right in our own hometowns.

May the ripple effect be energized into ever widening circles of blessing.

And may we all be courageous in sharing our burdens that we might share in the lifting of each other to heaven!

Safety, privacy and submission guidelines

  • This is a place to anonymously share—no identifying details will be shared on the blog or by the authors 
  • No names/locations/parishes/etc. will be shared on the blog or by the authors
  • The only exception to anonymity and confidentiality is when David Dean and Elise Photini approve a guest author’s participation here at Living Water
  • If anyone shares—in a comment on the blog, on a FB post or thread, or in emails— that they are being abused or a child is being harmed, or if someone threatens to harm someone physically—Elise Photini is a mandated reporter and WILL pass along identifying details to local authorities
  • All individual prayer and praise submissions, snippets of experiences on a theme etc, will be rewritten, anonymized, and posted in a generic format such as:

        —single parent asks for prayers as she faces new hearings in a long legal battle that will impact her child’s safety

        —single parent has many worries about finances, even to the point of approaching threat of homelessness

        —single parent sees miracles in her sense of loneliness, today she was gifted with a special message from a friend

        —single parent is glorifying God for the miracle of provision, this week extra funds came from out of nowhere just when he needed them

  • All short meditations, prayers, quotes submitted to a theme post (such as Loneliness or Our Children’s Safety) may be edited and posted in full or in part. These may include credit to the submitter IF and ONLY IF the person submitting the post desires their name published on the Living Water blog (similar to a guest author’s participation) and states this when submitting the selection.
  • No full length guest blog post submissions will be accepted at this time. Please, however, do send us your suggestions for experts, priests and their wives, podcasters, authors and others you’d like to hear from and we may request occasional guest authors to prepare an article for us. If you have a concept, an idea or someone to recommend you’d like to submit, please send a query email to email hidden; JavaScript is required before sending in the full length selection. 

Remember, we are in this together!

Remember that this is a place to lift each other up in prayer and praise, not a place for activism or diatribes. All comments require approval by the authors before they are visible to others and comments will be deleted if they are not in the spirit of love.