Activity – Saints Guessing Game

We are off to a slow start with our November Saints’ project, but we are off – thanks be to God. The most fun activity so far has been the Saints’ guessing game we played. We used the resource I mentioned last time from Orthodox Pebbles – the “All About Saints.” I recommend reading this beforehand on your own and then having a conversation with your kids about the details that seem appropriate and manageable for their age (e.g. we don’t worship saints, we venerate/honor them and we ask them to be a messenger to God for us since they are closer to him than we are). I made the mistake of trying to read this and that doesn’t generally keep kids attention.

Then we looked at the categories of saints and learned a bit about how they are depicted differently in icons using some of the printables. And then we took our flashlights out (it was dark already) and went on a hunt to guess what categories of saints all of our patron saints and other dear saints (St. Panteleimon, St. Nicholas…) belonged too. The kids had a blast with this and learned a bit about their patron saints in the process. It will be a great activity to do on Sunday after church with the many many icons in our church. You could also look at images online if you don’t have many icons of saints in your home. It was an energetic and engaging way to interact with the saints and changed the way they understand icons – and taught me a lot too. Hope you can take 30 mins to try it yourself!

May our every effort be blessed.
With love in Christ,


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