The Sacrifice of Worship

When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac (Genesis 22), there was no questioning on Abraham’s part about what was intended. He understood precisely what was involved in such a thing. There was wood to be gathered, an altar of stones to be constructed, the victim to be bound, and then the slitting of its throat with the gushing forth of blood, all consummated in the burning fires of the now-completed…

Democratic Madness

Dostoevsky’s¬†The Demons¬†tells the story of a revolution within the context of a small village and a¬†handful¬†of personalities. The strange mix of philosophy and neurosis, crowd psychology and fashionable disdain for tradition all come together in the madness of a bloodbath. It is a 19th century Helter Skelter that presciently predicted the¬†century to come. Our own version of the same sickness plays out with less bloodshed though with¬†similar¬†passion. This article attempts to describe‚Ķ

The Material God

In my previous article I used the example of kinesthetic knowledge (as in riding a bicycle) as a means of describing noetic experience, the means of knowing God through communion with Him. It is worth noting that the example is quite material and mundane. It is not an esoteric, exotic meditation or technique. It is so simple that we know it without knowing that we know it. As I type this article,…

An Audience of None

In the 1980‚Äôs sci-fi comedy, Short Circuit, a charming military robot character, ‚ÄúNumber 5,‚ÄĚ is awakened into consciousness by a lightning strike. He fears going back to his military keepers where he will be re-programmed. And so, with help from human friends, he begins his touching effort to stay free. His famous line, repeated often, echoes his drive to understand, ‚ÄúNeed input!‚ÄĚ He is an example of our modern imagination. We understand‚Ķ

To Sing Like a River

We stood looking out at a river rushing past the rocks Рa brisk morning in the North Carolina mountains, a rare setting for the Divine Liturgy. The tradition of the Church generally holds that services such as the Divine Liturgy are to be held indoors, in the Church. There are exceptions. In monasteries across the world, it is not unusual for a major feast to be held outdoors to accommodate the…

Psychology as the New Sacrament

The creation of the ‚Äútwo-storey universe‚ÄĚ was an unintended consequence of the Protestant Reformation. I have recently been enjoying Brad Gregory‚Äės The Unintended Reformation, in which he traces the various historical currents and ideas that gave rise to the modern secular notion of the world. It is a magisterial treatment, and I recommend it to serious students of history, as well as anyone wanting to better understand our modern culture. I have‚Ķ

The Seat of Mercy and the End of the Legal View

Among the more problematic words in the New Testament is the Greek hilasterion. It is translated as ‚Äúpropitiation‚ÄĚ in some of the older English Bibles, and ‚Äúexpiation,‚ÄĚ in newer ones. It‚Äôs actual meaning is neither. The word literally means ‚Äúthe place of mercy,‚ÄĚ and is the Greek word used in the Old Testament (LXX) to describe the ‚ÄúMercy Seat‚ÄĚ on the Ark of the Covenant. In Leviticus, the ritual for atonement is‚Ķ

Blood Brothers of the Incarnation

My childhood in the 1950‚Äôs had the innocence of the time, fed by stories of our elders and the clumsy movies. We played soldiers (everyone‚Äôs father had been in the Second World War) and ‚ÄúCowboys and Indians.‚ÄĚ Despite the clear bias of the movies and the slanted propaganda that passed for history, almost everyone wanted to be an Indian. Cowboys never seemed terribly romantic, while the Indians clearly knew how to survive‚Ķ

The Scandal of the Transfiguration

My bishop recently shared the story of a young man whom he taught some years ago. He was Orthodox from Estonia. He grew up in the Soviet era and had come to hate all things Russian, including the Orthodox Church. Nevertheless, he saw an Orthodox procession in the streets of his city one year, a procession that included the Russian bishop (whom he also hated and believed to be a KGB agent).…

A Faith You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

In a now-famous experiment, volunteers were fitted with inverting lenses, such that everything they saw appeared upside-down. In a few days their brains adjusted and what they saw appeared correctly. When the lenses were removed, their naked eyes now saw things inverted, though again, after a few days their vision returned to normal. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and created in such a fashion we adapt to even very strange circumstances.…