1. A blessed Pascha to you Father Stephen.
    and to all.

    Thank you for keeping the Fire burning in this community.
    For many of us, at least for me, it is one of the few places available for Orthodox believers to commune. Comparatively, there is just not much available out there. Especially in rural areas. And especially for singles. So this blog is like a life-line.
    Many thanks, Father.
    Christ is Risen!

  2. Truly he is risen! Truly, Christ is risen from the dead, and by His death He has trampled down death, and on those in the tombs He has bestowed life. What a Glorious Day!

  3. In all of existence . . . no blog shines brighter. Blessed, we are . . . everyone of us.
    May God bless Father Stephen and grant hearing to all who find this blog.

    Indeed He is risen!

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