A Pilgrimage to Mt. Athos


God willing, I leave this Thursday (September 21) for a pilgrimage to Mt. Athos. I’m with a group of ten, including a couple of other priests, and my 30 year-old son. Needless to say, I’ll be “off the grid” for much of that time and unable to respond to comments. I’ll have someone taking care of moderation.

I’ve been asked what I hope to get from my time on the mountain. I have no concrete thoughts on that, other than to pay attention to what is around me, and, by the mercy of God, within me. I will be praying for my parish family, my immediate family, and the larger family of friends and readers. I beg your prayers for my small group of travelers.

We’ll be on the mountain for about 10 days (two weeks total travel time). I’ll share what I can when I’m back!

Fr. Stephen +


  1. May God keep and protect those on this pilgrimage and may Gods love abound with every step on the paths of the neptic fathers. Finally, may the experience be filled by Gods Grace allowing those whose hearts are fulfilled in this manner to be able to continue to reflect the light of Christ to all those whom they come face to face with .

  2. Ever since I first heard of Mt. Athos, I’ve wanted to go there! Of course, I cannot. But I am excited for you, Fr. Stephen, and your group.

    Although God is “everywhere present”, I believe that there are places on earth where our hearts become especially open to knowing Him. undoubtedly, Mt. Athos is one of them. It is good not to expect anything in particular but to trust in what God gives.

    I will certainly be praying for you and with you as you move through this blessed pilgrimage…

  3. How wonderful Father! May God grant safe travels to the Mountain and a blessed pilgrimage. Looking forward to hearing about it! Know you and your group are in my prayers…

  4. Pray for us Father Stephen and for all Mankind.
    BLESSINGS to you and your Troup.
    ALBERT, TANYA and Family.

  5. God be with you and your companions! Please pray for my family. Looking forward to your sharing when you return!

  6. Your articles touch my soul, Father Stephen. I live in Greece and even though I cannot enter the Holy Mountain, I know it will leave its special mark both in you as well as in your companions. My homeland has been blessed with this holy place. The prayers of the Hagiorite Fathers are a great consolation in these difficult times. My prayers are also with you. Katherine

  7. God bless you and your fellow travelers with good health and His Peace and Comfort! My prayers are with you and thank you for your prayers for us!

  8. Blessings and prayers for you and your fellow travelers, Father! May God grant you all His Grace. Pray for us!

  9. May God’s Holy Spirit of Peace surround you, fill you and lead you on this journey, moment by moment to Our Heart of hearts Father Stephen. Please pray for us.

  10. Safe travels, Fr. Stephen! I’ll be praying for you, and I look forward to your thoughts on your journey when you return.

  11. Father bless!

    My prayers are with you and your traveling companions. Many blessings on your journey. Please light a candle for all your readers while you are on the Holy mountain!

  12. I worked in Thessaloniki for three years a long time ago. Closest I got to Mt. Athos was a view across the water from Halkidiki beach. Later we drove farther up the coast, but I was more interested in Aristotle’s birth place, a village called Stagira if I remember correctly, than in the crazy monks. That’said how far off the path, “the way,” I was then. Now I would cash in my chips and go with other pilgrims, maybe for a longer stay– if I had chips (and no loving family who doesn’t believe). Lord have mercy. Pray for us, Dear Father.

  13. May God bless your journey, and your fellow travelers, as well, Father! I cannot wait to hear what you will see with the eyes of your heart.
    I’ve been humbled down with health problems lately, but I want you to know that your blog had answered or confirmed so many of the questions I’ve had lately.
    Pray for us!

  14. Wish you a safe and fruitful journey, Father! Thank you for your promise of prayer for us your readers. I will pray for you.

  15. Dear Friends on the Glory to God blog!

    This post may be deleted by the mediator, depending on Father Stephen’s instructions… But maybe Father will bless it, since it’s for Greece… 🙂

    But I am going to take this risk and in the spirit of Father’s Mt. Athos trip ask you to consider making a small donation to help one monastery in Greece get a paved parking lot!
    Since my appeal to friends on FB did not prove fruitful, maybe I will be more successful here.
    Hannah’s mom is my friend and a wonderful Orthodox teacher of healthy eating/cooking (I have shared her web site here before with Father’s permission).

    Please read the story and give a little… 🙂 If you do (especially anonymously), maybe add “Glory to God for All Things” in the comment…

    Agata McCutcheon

  16. Thank you to all who may have contributed to the funding campaign for the Greek monastery. They have raised enough to start the project, I heard today. I cannot wait to go visit there some day…

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