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Tomorrow night – Sunday. Give us a call. Tune in to Ancient Faith Radio.



  1. Wow!!!

    Father Evan and Father Stephen together! This is going to be wonderful!!

    Father, what will your theme be?

  2. Helen,
    Yes, they are recorded, and you can listen or download from Ancient Faith radio, or from ITunes. There are probably other places as well, but those are the two I am familiar with.

  3. I’ve never tuned in before to Ancient Faith Radio. How do I do it? Please tell me. And what time? I am Central European time, now is Sunday two p.m.at my place.

  4. Aha, I can see my comment says, seven, so I am seven hours ahead.
    And is your time central or eastern?

  5. Really wonderful to hear you all talking together. Fr Even (then Deacon Evan) was the first Orthodox clergyman I talked to now 12-13 years ago on the path to Orthodoxy. Thank God for both of you!

  6. Dear Fr. Stephen,

    Congratulations! Wonderful program. You and Fr. Evan were a great team! (and I am sorry about the kitten! :-))

    He is in a town in Colorado where all my ex-family in law lives. I went to Loveland twice a year (or more) for over 20 years, and there was never an Orthodox Church there. Now that I would love to visit him more often, I don’t go there any more.
    On my last visit a few years back, I went to his church with my boys and we were received so graciously. Fr. Evan is a wonderful priest. May God grant you both strenght and support in your work!

  7. Father I thought it was so perfect that the question of growing in faith was answered after the question concerning confession.
    Growing in faith means loving and forgiving my enemies, which is impossible to do if I am unable to bear my own shame, show my face to Christ. It seems that only this way, can I receive enough light that I may genuinely forgive, and not just because I’m supposed to.
    Great broadcast.

  8. “Dropping kittens is not on the ordinary list of sins…”

    This made me laugh aloud, but it is also profound. Definitely captures something deep about our experience of wrong and our part in it–known or unknown.

    Thank you.

  9. It was too late by the time I saw this. Can anyone give me the link to the recorded session? I’ve looked but AFR isn’t always the easiest site to navigate.

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